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Safety and Security vehicles

Dade 911 direct

Safety & Security Office

Safety & Security 24/7


(706) 419-1229: Safety & Security Office
(423) 593-1403: Safety & Security 24/7
(706) 657-4111: Dade 911 Direct Number
(706) 450-7001: RD on Duty
(706) 419-1275: Priesthill Center (M-F, 8am - 4:30pm)
(800) 222-1222: Poison Control
(706) 657-3233: Dade County Sheriff's Office

We ask for your help in keeping our students and our campus safe and secure. If you have observed or are aware of suspicious or unethical behavior, abusive relationships, or sexual violence we need to know what you know. Please feel free to contact our office directly, or you may provide the information online by clicking on the link below. Your report can be made anonymously, or you may decide to leave your contact information. However you choose to bring your information to our attention, we will handle both your identity and your concern with the utmost discretion.




Covenant College has designated all employees as “Responsible Authorities”. Responsible Authority is an umbrella term used to encompass both Responsible Employees under the College’s Title IX policy (also referred to as officials with authority to take action) AND Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act.


If you are an employee of Covenant College, you are a “Responsible Authority.” This includes Resident Assistants.


Simply put, this means you must report certain crimes to the College. It is not necessary that you gather more information about an incident, that you know for certain if an allegation is in fact true, or even if it is a crime reportable under the Clery Act or Title IX. It is only required that you report what you know and that you should report the possible crime as soon as you become aware of it.


All Covenant College employees are requested to watch the short training module entitled Responsible Authority Proficiency in Incident Disclosure:



To report information pertaining to a crime or policy violation at Covenant College, please use the following:


Title IX Coordinator - Brad Voyles: (706) 419-1107


Title IX Deputy Investigator - Jon Wylie: (706) 419-1108


Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Students - Becca Moore: (706) 419-1262


Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Employees - Tom Dewey: (706) 419-1105


Title IX Deputy Investigator - Nesha Evans: (706) 419-1106


Director of Safety and Security - Keith McClearn: (706) 764-7480 (cell)


Safety and Security: (706) 419-1229
Safety and Security 24/7 Guard Phone: (423) 593-1403


Gun violence, as well as other forms of violence, can sometimes be preventable. Students who are at risk of hurting themselves or others may display signs and signals before an act of violence takes place. When you don’t know what to look for, it can be easy to miss signs or dismiss them as unimportant. Please take a moment a watch the 2 ½ minute video entitled “Evan” produced by Sandy Hook Promise.



Please visit the Sandy Hook Promise website for more information relating to preventing gun violence and other tragedies.


  1. I have signed up to receive Scots Alerts by visiting and entering my cell #
  2. I have saved the Safety and Security 24/7 # 423.593.1403 in my contacts
  3. I have an emergency communication plan. I have entered emergency contact numbers in my cell phone. My family knows how to contact my friends/coworkers in an emergency if necessary. My friends/coworkers know how to contact my family if necessary (social media, text, etc.).
  4. I know more than one way to exit campus buildings.
  5. I know where to seek shelter in my building during severe weather or a tornado.
  6. From the Safety and Security website, I have watched the two minute video entitled "Evan" regarding prevention of violence.
  7. From the Safety and Security website, I have watched the four minute Active Shooter training video "Run. Hide. Fight."
  8. I lock my residence hall room door. I lock my car doors. I secure my valuables.
  9. I know I may share my concerns anonymously through the "See Something, Say Something" tab on the Safety and Security website..
  10. In an emergency, I know the campus siren “WAIL” tone warns us to seek shelter for a weather emergency. I know the campus siren “Hi - Low” tone warns us of an active threat on campus.
  11. I will not walk/run alone on the network of trails surrounding the college.



Safety & Security Office
Carter Hall, Basement Room 29
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750


Keith McClearn
Director of Safety and Security


Daniel Dupree
Safety and Security Coordinator