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Covenant College, the college of the Presbyterian Church in America in Lookout Mountain, Georgia

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Application Fee Waived in December - Merry Christmas!

Our gift to you this Christmas, we are waiving all application fees through December 31! Christmas break is around the corner, so don’t put off the application any longer. Apply today.

Covenant 360 October 4-5 and November 1-2

Come join us on the mountaintop for 24 hours to experience what life is like as a Covenant College Scot!

Covenant College chapel window

Dr. Brandon Kreuze, professor of music, describes how the appreciation and cultivation of beauty is an important component of our worship of God.

Christian Identity in America

Dive in with three Covenant College professors as they reflect on religious history, the current cultural climate, and their own lives to explore what it means to be a Christian in today’s America.

Map showing where Covenant is located in the southeastern U.S.

Covenant College is within a day’s drive of a significant portion of the eastern United States, and within 2 hours of the southeastern U.S. hubs of Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham.

Juliana Meznar describes how Covenant is unique

“At Covenant, Christian teaching is not merely a series of devotionals tacked onto a secular curriculum, but rather Covenant incorporates faith as an integral part of how and why we learn.”
  - Juliana Meznar '19

"Religion says you have to clean yourself up so that you can be a messenger of God. The Gospel says, 'Come as you are, your mess is your message... Jesus himself will be your righteousness.'"
– Rev. Ronnie Garcia, Pastor, Iglesia La Travesia, Puerto Rico
Ever wonder what it's like to live and study on top of a mountain? Picture yourself on Lookout Mountain. Picture yourself at Covenant College.

Visit the Financial Aid section to learn how scholarships, grants, and student employment reduce the cost of attendance for 99% of Covenant students.