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Parents Council

Parents Council Feb. 2020

Pictured from left to right (Back Row): Paul Moore, Becky Greninger, Phil Greninger, Michael Radmacher, Campbell Metcalfe, Maurice Perry, Bob Daley (Front Row): Dale Hokrein, Nancy Hokrein, Jennifer Thompson, Kimberly Radmacher, Rebecca Metcalfe, Beth Perry, Jana Daley.
(Not Pictured: Nye and Beth Allen, Jeff and Nancy Hooker, Sandy Moore, Nathan Thompson)


The Parents Council serves a number of purposes:

  • We connect with the administration on important issues facing students, teachers, and administrators and provide a unique perspective from the parent’s point of view.
  • We act as champions of Covenant College and support the college in key initiatives to move Covenant’s mission forward.
  • We support the admissions process in a number of ways. We talk to prospective parents and students about life and academics at Covenant. We also participate in and host receptions for new/prospective students and parents throughout the year.
  • We act as ambassadors for Covenant College in our hometowns and regions.
  • We also encourage parents to support career networking and advice for students through the Covenant’s Center for Calling and Career.
  • We support Covenant College annually and encourage other parents to give generously to Covenant.
  • We support Covenant College through our prayers for the students, faculty, staff, and the larger Covenant College community.



Our Parents Council has compiled a list of opportunities for parents to take advantage of while their student is enrolled at Covenant. Review their list of suggestions here.



Beth and Nye Allen


Nye and Beth Allen

Matthews, NC (near Charlotte)


Our Kids:

  • Nye “Caleb” (Class of 2017), BA Biology, works for Chick Fil A Corporate Operations Development program, Varsity Soccer
  • Mary Ashelyn “Mash” (Class of 2019), BA Psychology, JV Volleyball
  • Samuel Jackson “Jack” (Class of 2021), BA, Business/Finance, Varsity Soccer
  • Eliana Faith “Ellie” (Class of 2033), TBD


Our Jobs:

Beth: Covenant Day School
Teaches 3rd Grade - requires way more intelligence than what Nye does, resulting in eternal transformation of hearts and minds. :o)

Nye: Bank of America
Manages an Enterprise COE for Digital Transformation IT Strategy, leveraging Intelligent Process Automation, Cognitive Intelligence, and AI for the bank.


What We Love Most About Covenant:

"We really love the genuine community at Covenant. This includes the students as well as the professors and staff that spiritually, socially, and academically nurture and challenge our daughter and sons to wrestle with real life issues and concepts thru a Biblical lens. And more importantly, developing a mindset and lifestyle of investing their lives in ventures with eternal impact and importance. The relationships and memories they will build here will have a lasting impact for the rest of their lives."



Bob and Jana Daley


Bob and Jana Daley

Columbia, SC


Our Kids:

  • Elizabeth (Liz) (Class of 2023) Psychology, Founders/Carter


Our Jobs:

Jana: recovering attorney/airline gate agent/retired homeschool mom and debate coach/holistic health aficionado

Bob: attorney/federal prosecutor/runner/Sunday School teacher




Will and Debbie Ertel


Will and Debbie Ertel

Charlotte, NC


Our Kids:

  • Hannah (Class of 2020), Computer Science major; Carter Hall
  • Elizabeth (Class of 2024), Economics major; Carter Hall


Our Jobs:

Debbie: former elementary teacher/current adult ESL teacher --enjoys walking and hiking, reading, and attempting to grow flowers

Will: Financial Planner --enjoys baseball, church ministry, and outdoor cooking


What We Love Most About Covenant:

“We love the sense of community that is promoted, the uncompromising Biblical focus in all areas, and the fact that our kids love Covenant, too.”



Phil and Becky Greninger


Phil and Becky Greninger (CC '90)

Cumming, GA (Atlanta)


Our Kids:

  • Andrew Pursuing a career as a First Responder
  • Kate (Class of 2021), Sophomore, Sociology & Community Development major, Spanish minor
  • Molly (Class of 2023), Elementary Education
  • John (Class of 2025), TBD


Our Jobs:

Becky: Teaches 1st grade at Perimeter School after spending almost 20 years at home raising children; enjoys reading suspense novels, theology, and educational books.

Phil: Cloud Solution Architect, CGI Technologies, Inc. Consult and design enterprise IT solutions using cloud-based technologies. Enjoy a little swimming, biking, and running.


What We Love Most About Covenant:

"Our fondness for Covenant began as students. We love that it is a place where students are challenged to grow not only academically, but also spiritually. We saw practically how to live a biblical worldview that emphasizes Christ’s preeminence in all things. In a culture of compromise, the college has stood firmly on the foundation of biblical truth. Covenant fosters a deep sense of community; we have seen and can personally attest to the lifelong friendships that have been developed among like-minded young people."



Dale and Nancy Hokrein


Dale and Nancy Hokrein

Tampa, FL


Our Kids:

  • Olivia (Class of 2021) Biology, student apartments
  • Evan (Class of 2023) Economics and Community Development, Brethren


Our Jobs:

Nancy: Dental/Orthodontics, reading, hiking, shell collecting, church activities

Dale: Content Strategy, Dental, Reading, Camping, Cooking, Local Church Ministry




Jeff and Nancy Hooker


Jeff and Nancy Hooker

Athens, AL


Our Kids:

  • John (Class of 2021) Covenant sophomore, Graphic Design
  • Lucas (Class of 2023) Community Development
  • Mary Liles (Class of 2025) TBD


Our Jobs:

Nancy: A teacher of all sorts
She has taught public school, Christian school, homeschool, classical school, Sunday school and women’s Bible study; especially loves to study and teach the Bible and to mentor young women; enjoys reading, art, traveling, the outdoors, and family.

Jeff: PCA church planter
AVID Clemson fan (Jeff and Nancy are both Clemson grads and Jeff’s dad played football at Clemson), loves traveling, hiking (especially in CO and Scotland), soccer, studying theology, playing guitar/mandolin, and listening to good music.


What We Love Most About Covenant:

"The thing I say most to parents of potentially prospective students (after the money discussion) is 'Christ really is preeminent in all things' - classroom, hall life, high view of the Lord’s Day, emphasis on the church- that those aren’t just words on a sign, that our son is growing spiritually as well as relationally and academically."





Doug and Anne Lipperd

Birmingham, AL


Our Kids:

  • Josh Lipperd, IDS, Sr, off campus
  • SK Lipperd, Elementary Education, Jr, Carter


What We Love Most About Covenant:

"Christ-centered community that seeks to prepare students with a biblical worldview."



Campbell and Rebecca Metcalfe


Campbell and Rebecca Metcalfe

Brentwood, TN (Nashville)


Our Kids:

  • Louis (Class of 2018), English; student body president; currently studying at Vanderbilt Law School
  • Jane (Class of 2019), Music major - pipe organ
  • Edward (Class of 2023), plans on majoring in Chemistry
  • Sara Caroline (Class of 2027), excited to see where the Lord directs her


Our Jobs:

Rebecca: Veteran homeschool mom 18 years, wife & mother

Campbell: Triangle Tire USA
VP Finance & Operations. Enjoys cycling and tending the cursed ground otherwise known as his yard


What We Love Most About Covenant:

"We appreciate how Covenant recognizes God’s dominion over all things and all subjects of study. We love Covenant’s holistic approach to education - development of the person spiritually, socially, and academically as opposed to a narrow focus for the sole purpose of getting a job."



Paul and Sandy Moore


Paul and Sandy Moore

Laurens, SC


Our Kids:

  • Jonathan Moore ‘16, English, Founders, Mac, Carter, Batcave.
  • Samuel Moore ‘16, Business (Finance), Mac.
  • Joshua Moore ‘22, Business (Marketing), Mac.
  • Noah Moore ‘23, Business, Mac.
  • Ruthie Moore ‘23, Undeclared, Mac


Our Jobs:

Sandy: Homemaker

Paul: Physician




Maurice and Beth Perry


Maurice and Beth Perry

Wildwood, MO


Our Kids:

  • Laura (Class of 2023), Spanish major, Founders Hall, Highlands


Our Jobs:

Beth: Children's ministry coordinator

Maurice: Investment Analyst




Parents Council Fall 2018

Graduate School of Education

Undergraduate Departments, Majors, Minors, Certificates, Concentrations, and Programs

Academic Certificates

  • Arts Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
  • Journalism and Society
  • Medical Ethics Consultation
  • Neuroscience
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


  • Art, 2-D Concentration 
  • Art, 3-D Concentration 
  • Art, Art History Concentration 
  • Art, Graphic Design Concentration 
  • Art, Photography Concentration 
  • Art minor
  • Art History minor

Biblical & Theological Studies

  • Biblical & Theological Studies 
  • Biblical & Theological Studies, Missions Concentration 
  • Biblical & Theological Studies minor
  • Biblical Languages minor
  • History of Christianity minor
  • Missions minor
  • Youth Ministry minor


  • Biology, Biomedical Concentration 
  • Biology, Environmental Concentration 
  • Biology, General 
  • Biology, Health Professions Concentration 
  • Biology minor


  • Business 
  • Business, Accounting Concentration 
  • Business, Finance Concentration 
  • Business, Marketing Concentration 
  • Sport Management 
  • Business minor
  • Sport Management minor


  • Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration 
  • Chemistry, General 
  • Biochemistry minor
  • Chemistry minor

Computer Science

  • Computer Science 
  • Computer Science minor

Economics & Community Development

  • Community Development 
  • Economics 
  • Community Development minor
  • Economics minor


  • Education Studies 
  • Elementary Education (P-5) 
  • Secondary Education Certifications through MAT program 
  • Education minor

Engineering 3:2 Program

  • Natural Science, Pre-Engineering Studies Concentration


  • English 
  • English, Writing Concentration 
  • English minor
  • Linguistics minor
  • Writing minor

Health, Wellness and Coaching

  • Coaching minor

History & Politics

  • History 
  • History, Art History Concentration 
  • Political Science 
  • History minor
  • Political Science minor

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentrations 

International Studies

  • International Studies 


  • Mathematics 
  • Mathematics minor


  • Music, Church Music Concentration 
  • Music, Creative Studies Concentration 
  • Music, General Music Concentration 
  • Music, Instrumental Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Music Education (Pre-MAT) Concentration 
  • Music, Organ Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Piano Pedagogy Concentration 
  • Music, Piano Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Theory/Composition Concentration 
  • Music, Vocal Performance Concentration 
  • Music minor


  • Philosophy 
  • Philosophy minor


  • Physics 
  • Physics minor

Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Law Studies 
  • Pre-Medical Studies 
  • Pre-Nursing Studies 
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Studies 


  • Psychology 
  • Psychology minor


  • Sociology 
  • Sociology, Family Studies & Social Work Concentration 
  • Sociology minor


  • Theatre 
  • Theatre minor

World Languages

  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • French minor
  • Spanish minor