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Day of Prayer at Covenant College

Why Give To Covenant?

An Investment for Christ’s Kingdom

By giving to Covenant, you are demonstrating your commitment to a kingdom vision for building up the body of Christ and proclaiming His preeminence in all things.


Through the education we provide our students, Covenant is helping generations of students develop a sense of vision, a commitment to justice and mercy, and an in-depth understanding of the world as a whole and of discrete disciplines as intrinsic parts of God’s exquisite design and glory.


Covenant students are called to every corner of the globe and to countless careers, from accountant to business executive, teacher to missionary. And whatever professions they enter, our students are equipped to do excellent work in the name of Jesus Christ in their spheres of influence. Your gift to Covenant College makes this possible.


Why We Give

Jay and Lynn Lykins
Estes Park, CO


From travelling the world to settling in Colorado, and from living on a tight budget to starting endowed scholarships, Jay and Lynn Lykins have lived a full life of service to the Lord. Now, they are focused on impacting the next generation...

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Paul and Sandy Moore
Laurens, SC


Paul and Sandy are active members of the Parents Council, with three children who are current students and two who are recent graduates.

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Wills and Judy Ryan
Parkland, FL


Wills and Judy give to Covenant without regret or hesitation because they believe Covenant is making an impact for God’s Kingdom.

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