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the Covenant Ascent narrative

The Blue Tribune is your place to learn about all things Covenant and keep up with stories from campus and beyond. By guiding you through elements of The Covenant Ascent, we'll help you picture yourself making your Ascent.

students in library

The Library: Gathering Place for an Academic Community

Covenant’s library is a gathering place for our academic community, a place of laughter amid the work and connection among the hours of study. It’s a place where minds come together.

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What is Reformation Day All About?

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. This started a shock-wave...

Application Myths & Tips

Submitting applications can be a daunting task, especially when you're considering certain deadlines.

Faculty Feature: Dr. John Wingard

"I love the privilege that is mine of teaching philosophy to bright, curious, engaged students who want to love Jesus...

Faculty Feature: Dr. Preston Hoobler

"I love the students here. I have found that when students are willing to ask questions in and out of class, I get to...

Senior Capstone Project: The Culmination of Your Covenant Career

At the end of all students’ years at Covenant, they have the opportunity to present the knowledge they have gained in...

Academic Commons: A Space for Students to Thrive

One of the benefits that Covenant students enjoy is the wide array of accessible academic resources. One example is the...

Faculty Feature: Dr. Scott Jones

"I enjoy the unity and coherence we enjoy as a faculty. While there is enough difference among us to keep things interesting,...

Faculty Feature: Professor Lok Kim

"I often tell my students that music is not a thing of competition. Rather, music is a thing to share."


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