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the Covenant experience narrative

The Blue Tribune is your place to learn about all things Covenant and keep up with stories from campus and beyond. By guiding you through the different aspects of Covenant, we'll help you decide if you want to pursue your very own Covenant experience.

What Does “Pursuing Knowledge - Transformed By Faith” Mean?

Aerial view of Covenant College campus

Our pursuit of academics isn't just about content, it's about meaning—eternal and redemptive meaning. We go a step further than offering a biblically-based education within a Christian community by emphasizing Christ’s renewal of all things, including academic curriculum. This transforms how you pursue knowledge, calling, and career.


God created our minds to be complex and capable, and we take this into account by providing challenging and courageous academics. Our liberal arts curriculum is taught by disciplined faculty who are experts in their fields and will equip you with the skill and experience needed to lead a life and career of godly purpose. 

Our faculty make you the priority and will engage with you outside of class, in the cafeteria, in chapel, and even in their own homes! Our staff guide students with valuable mentorship that will last a lifetime.


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“I was really blown away by the support that I was given by the English professors. I think they knew that I was academically capable of more than I thought I was. And so I've been pushed to the highest standard of academic excellence that I think I could be.”

Emma Luke ’23



God created work from the very beginning before the fall of mankind, so we know that work is part of God’s perfect design. At Covenant, we take the steps of getting you to your life’s work very seriously. Through coursework, service, internships, on-campus employment, and the Center for Calling and Career, we equip you to pursue meaningful work and guide you through the job search and job application process.


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“During the sport management program I've gotten to volunteer at a lot of big events, and those opportunities outside of the classroom have given me a lot of hands-on experience that makes me confident in my abilities and really solidifies what I'm learning in the classroom.”

Lydia Radmacher ’23



God made you in His image, meaning you are a creative individual. We want you to pursue your unique talents through opportunities to create and showcase alongside experienced faculty, staff, and peers while gaining the skills you need to lead a life of creating for God’s glory. 


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Dr. Morton showed me how to express myself in life using whatever tools are available. This goes outside of art class and into the outdoors and family.

Caleb McNaughton ’20



God gifted us a world of wonder and beauty that reflects His nature. Lookout Mountain is a perfect place to pursue your educational adventure surrounded by unique opportunities to explore and experience God. Our interesting courses, passionate professors, and exciting location create the ideal place for your adventurous spirit to thrive.


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One of my favorite Covenant memories was an unintentional night hike to Sunset rock and back. Despite the dropping temps and dark trek back, the hike was the beginning of close friendships. These sorts of memories are quintessentially Covenant to me.

Morgan (Barney) Calhoun ’18



God created one person and knew that it was not good for that person to be alone. We are created for community! Community is the air we breathe at Covenant. You will find your people in chapel, among your classmates, in your residence hall, in student clubs, in athletic sports, and many other places! You will be surrounded by like-minded faculty, staff, and peers who will share in your highs and lows as you challenge each other and grow in your faith together.


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The faculty and community at Covenant deeply and specifically encouraged me in my calling. I can confidently say I would not be doing what I am doing without their guidance, wisdom, and prayer. I continue to see God’s faithfulness in the fruit of the relationships I made during my time at Covenant.

Emmie Thompson '18 MAT '19



Lastly, God gave each person a unique calling. Yes, you are called to an area of work inside or outside the home that will play a big part in your future and your family. But all Christians have been given a “big C” Calling to participate in Kingdom work by proclaiming Jesus Christ’s preeminence in all things. 

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Studying biology at Covenant helped grow my faith and understand my calling. My professors and friends at Covenant helped me not only learn science but also learn how God is behind science. While my vocational calling is to be a doctor, my larger calling is to help people, loving them in a Christ-like manner.

Chris Sossou ’11


Covenant guides you to discover and explore your calling through purposeful education in a thriving, Christ-centered community. We guide you to gain knowledge and wisdom in a setting that will challenge, mature and transform your faith, which will, in turn, transform your career, family, communities, and the world.

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