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Clubs & Organizations

We strive to glorify God in all that we do, and clubs and organizations are no exception. The majority of a student’s time at Covenant College will be spent outside of the classroom, so it is important to take advantage of all the wonderful co-curricular opportunities and activities one will find at Covenant. This includes opportunities for growth, opportunities for friendship, and opportunities for leadership. Campus clubs and organizations are vital to Covenant and help further growth and fellowship here on campus. Students with new ideas and passions are regularly adding new clubs and may contact Student Senate to join an existing club or to express an interest in starting a new club.


List of Student Clubs & Organizations

Click the club names below to display contact info.


Club Leader: Eden Anyabwile


Club Leader: Savannah Guthmann


Club Leader: Shawnte Michaels


Club Leader: John Sadler


Club Leader: Meagan Schroeder


Club Leader: Will Payne


Club Leader: Caleb McNaughton


Club Leader: Paige Hungar


Club Leader: Cara Smole


Club Leader: Michael Fennema


Club Leader: David Codington


Club Leaders: Luke Cary, Ian Banks


Club Leader: Mark Alexander


Club Leader: Leah Smith


Club Leader: Paige Hungar


Club Leader: Garrett Thompson



Club Leader: Liam Ohrvall



Club Leader: Henry Hooks


Club Leaders: Josiah Taylor, David Kraus


Club Leaders: Rafael Laury, Josh Regier


Club Leader: contact coach Levi Binegar



Club Leader: Madi Allen


Club Leader: Nate Plating


Club Leader: Aline Sluis


Club Leader: Kirsten Aanensen


Club Leader: Mary Brooke Diamond


Be Global

Covenant encourages students to pursue cross-­cultural experiences to better understand and appreciate the world around them and the myriad of cultures in which God is at work, including their own.

Day of Prayer photos

At Covenant, we work hard and challenge ourselves in our academic endeavors, but our community always gives glory to God for our successes. Check out photos from Covenant's bi-annual Day of Prayer sunrise service at nearby Rock City.