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Students outdoors at Covenant College


Student Development

When students step onto campus, they discover a community of learning that extends beyond the classroom. Here are just a few examples of how the robust Covenant community encourages fellowship, learning, and following Jesus: events that engage with cultural ideas in a Christian manner - professors share meals with students - residence halls compete against each other in intramural sports - hall events range from pancake breakfasts to prayer and praise.


The Covenant College Community

Grounded in tradition and a time-tested theological heritage, the Covenant community extends far beyond your classmates. It includes faculty, staff, alumni, and board members who are eager to help you succeed. This thriving, joyful community shares core beliefs and a unifying love that stems from the gospel.



Watch as Associate Dean of Students Nesha Evans describes the transformative, relational community at Covenant:

"Covenant is a very special place, and I wholeheartedly do not believe there is another college campus that could match the community we have here. My time at Covenant has shaped my expectations by showing me the importance of having relationships that challenge and encourage me. My friends have pushed me to talk through hard topics and learn from other’s experiences...”
- Baylie Sims '22

2021 New Scots Orientation


Covenant Residence Halls


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Center for Student Success

Visit the Center for Student Success for tutoring, personal advising, and tailored resources to help you succeed. We provide a safe place for students to work through academic and social challenges with the help of personal advisors who care about your academic success and spiritual growth.



Chapel services are an important part of the holistic shaping and spiritual formation of Covenant students. Hearing teaching on the word of God informs our theology and shapes our hearts. Worshipping together unites us and draws our eyes to Jesus. God created believers to walk together, and chapel is one way we practice community three times each week.


Additionally, the Chapel Department comes alongside Student Development in mentoring and counseling students. Covenant is a safe place to ask hard questions. Followers of Christ often have doubts, faith questions, and sin struggles. Together, believers lift up each other and wrestle through questions, pointing each other to our Lord and Savior.




In Their Own Words

The best way to learn about student life at Covenant is to let the students speak for themselves!

Baylie Sims
Cameron Cortman
Emily Braswell
Edoardo Santi
Avery Patz
Benaiah Woodrow
Samara Barbee

Baylie Sims '22

"Residence life at Covenant has provided me with a supportive community to learn and grow in. We have a wide variety of majors on the hall, and the girls are very eager to engage in discussion or answer any questions."

Read more about Baylie  

Cameron Cortman '22

"The community at Covenant is so unlike any other place I have been. Having people in my life who constantly challenge and push me to become better in every area of life is something that I didn't know I needed until I got here."

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Emily Braswell '22

"Hall life has been a huge blessing and an integral part of my experience at Covenant. Not only are my hallmates my sisters in Christ, they are also some of my closest friends."

Read more about Emily  

Edoardo Santi '22

"I wanted to find a community of people who seek Jesus, and halfway through my freshman year, God gave me a family of believers, "The Five Points" hall, who accepted me into their family and showed me Christian love."

Read more about Edoardo  

Avery Patz '22

"I love hall life here! I’ve stayed on one hall (Harambe!, woot woot) for three years so far and have loved doing life with these ladies. Late night shenanigans, dance parties, prayer and praise, and outdoor study sessions are frequent, and these girls are the absolute best company for it!"

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Benaiah Woodrow '22

"I have had the privilege to work in such positions as Student Ministry Coordinator and Multicultural Leader where you receive discipleship from your supervisor and fellow leaders and in turn are able to disciple others throughout the college. This discipleship is a working together to draw our relationships closer to God and one another."

Read more about Benaiah  

Samara Barbee '22

"Residence life allows lowerclassmen to meet and befriend upperclassmen and hear about their life and college experiences. This greatly impacted my development as a student and as a person."

Read more about Samara  


Student Life Foundations

Traditions & Events

Each Hall has multiple unique events. Traditions across campus bring all students together to celebrate being a Scot!
Job Fair at Covenant College

Center for Calling & Career

The Center for Calling & Career helps you identify and pursue your calling through gifts and skills assessments, resume building, coaching for interviews, and internship placements.


Residence Life  

Lifelong friendships will be formed among your hallmates, RA's, and mentors in Covenant's Residence Life program.

Arts & Culture  

Covenant students enjoy the college's active music, theatre, and art programs, guest concerts and performances, and access to Chattanooga's fine arts scene.

Student Clubs  

Covenant students organize over two dozen clubs every year - check out the list and find a group where you can put your passion and talent to work.

Athletics & Intramurals  

Covenant fields 13 intercollegiate teams at the NCAA Division II level, and over 75% of the student body participates in intramural sports.

Mark 10:45 Program  

Service projects, both on-campus and in the larger Chattanooga area, help develop an ethic of service-over-self during students' Covenant experience.

Multicultural Program  

The Multicultural Program brings together students of diverse backgrounds to share their cultural experiences with the Covenant community.

Safety & Security  

Dade 911 direct

Safety & Security Office

Safety & Security 24/7

Health & Counseling Services  

The Priesthill Center consists of the Health Services office for treatment of student’s minor illnesses and injuries, and the Counseling Services office for free, confidential counseling.


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