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the Covenant Ascent narrative

The Blue Tribune is your place to learn about all things Covenant and keep up with stories from campus and beyond. By guiding you through elements of The Covenant Ascent, we'll help you picture yourself making your Ascent.

Jon Hill '22 reading Life Together

Practicing Life Together

My college years were an exercise in trust, humility, and the power of surrender. In many ways, entering college felt like conducting a trust exercise with the LORD. While I didn’t know the future, God knew His exact plans for me.

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Don't Underestimate Community

I think just about every student here has either asked or been asked how they were doing, and the answer was “busy”...

What's a Covenant Student Really Like?

Colleges often showcase the best parts of their institutions. Promotional materials are filled with smiling, happy students....

Study Secrets From Upperclassmen

Learn from the best! Our upperclassmen delight in sharing their knowledge with new students. Hear some of our upperclassmen’s...

The Purpose of Higher Education

So you’ve decided to pursue a college education. You’re dreaming about the future and making plans for the next step...

Faculty Feature: Dr. Jim Drexler

"Our desire is to graduate Christian educators who by God's grace weave the biblical narrative of creation-fall-redemption...

Athletics Spring 2021 Highlights

While the Covenant Scots were unable to compete this fall due to COVID-19 restrictions, we're back this spring playing...

Academic Excellence & Student Success

At Covenant College, we value academic excellence, and we want all of our students to reach their full potential. This...

Department Highlights | Foreign Language

Covenant offers classes in American Sign Language, French, German, and Spanish.  


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