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the Covenant experience narrative

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How Covenant Prepares You for Grad School

We equip students to succeed in various pursuits when they leave Covenant, and for some, that means continuing their education in graduate school. Hear from some of our alumni who are currently in grad school, as well as a recent grad headed to grad school very soon, as they dive into how Covenant prepared them for this journey:

Faith Manning ’21, Valdosta State University, Nursing 

“Covenant prepared me for graduate school by way of resiliency. Covenant’s rigorous academia pushed me further than what I thought I was capable of. The professors and the coursework they provided never allowed me to become complacent or satisfied and allowed me to want more out of myself and my education. This made my transition into nursing school that much easier and allowed me to excel in my accelerated program.

“The biggest takeaway from my time at Covenant that has contributed generously to my nursing school work is always including the Lord in my academics and my little ‘c’ calling, if you will. It has helped me stay compassionate in a profession that has abundant burnout and shortages. Being reminded of the ways I always included Him in my studies at Covenant keeps me in tune with my faith and purpose here in nursing school.”

Caroline Reeves ’19, Auburn University, Clinical and Mental Health Counseling

“Covenant helped give me a framework both theologically and academically to work towards excellence in glorifying Christ in all areas, but specifically in my education. The rigor of Covenant’s course work paired with the intentionality of learning has greatly helped me in continuing to work hard and learn effectively in graduate school. But also, all the core theology classes have given me a foundation and a lens to view my graduate work that is taught from a secular perspective.

“Two impactful classes that have been particularly relevant to my master’s coursework are Women, Art, and Culture taught by Dr. Weichbrodt and Advanced Figure Sculpture with Kayb Joseph. Though I am now getting my graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, these classes were incredibly valuable in formulating a holistic view of human beings and why our bodies are so important. Coming into the mental health field knowing the value of the body, and knowing that it holds so much of what is in the mind and spirit, has been foundational in continuing my education in the field. Additionally, through my entire art degree, learning that art-making is a healing, therapeutic intervention that integrates the body, mind, and spirit has been so valuable to my education.”

Tyler Kelly ’22, Mercer University School of Law

“Covenant has prepared me for graduate school by combining academic rigor with spiritual formation. The liberal arts education I received at Covenant increased my capacity in analytical reading, writing, and problem-solving while sharpening my leadership and interpersonal skills. Covenant also provided me with an enriched Reformed Christian worldview that will serve as a unique foundation for future class discussions in graduate school and collegial interactions in my career.

“The one thing that I gained as a Covenant student that I think will be the most helpful in my graduate work is the ability to look at an argument from multiple sides and to provide recommendations for improvement that have the entire team/organization/mission in view. 

“The deep relationships that I have formed with my Covenant professors contributed to my recommendation for competitive graduate schools and internships. The leadership and oversight that I received from my professors during the examination, application, and interview processes was invaluable.”

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