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Theatre Department Overcoming Unique Challenges to Produce "Everyman"

Everyman cast

Like we all have in this season of unknowns, the Covenant College Theatre Department did everything they could do to live up to the phrase, “The show must go on!” From turning the show-stopping musical “Sound of Music” into a documentary detailing the department’s process to sewing dozens of masks for their current show “Everyman,” the theatre is buzzing with new ideas.

“Everyman” stars Ray Lantrip ’24 in the titular role with a scattered few freshmen alongside him, notably Isabelle Torokwa ’24 in the role of ‘Faith’ and Anya Klumpenhower ’24 in the role of her sister ‘Good Deeds.’ There are a number of other allegorical characters in the show, ranging from ‘Mammon,’ the embodiment of wealth, played by Emily Cothran ’22, to the startling figure of ‘Death,’ played by Sarah Bussard ’24.

The department has truly embraced their ability to get creative with the masking situation, as so many of the characters feature a mask that matches their costume in some way or is decorated to the nines with ribbon and trimmings. Each is fitted to the face of the cast member and all are made in the exact same way, so as to keep up with COVID-19 restrictions.

Following COVID-19 restriction is, of course, the highest priority when it comes to filming the entire show, as well as rehearsals. The guidelines for COVID-19 are substantial. All in all, the performers are only allowed to speak in a room for a certain amount of time before a break is needed to air the room. All performers must wear masks and do their best to keep six feet of distance from one another, except in the rare few close contact scenes. These guidelines also extend to the entire work study group, including mandatory temperature checks when they first arrive for their shift.

The rigidity of the guidelines does not affect the actors’ performance however, as they have all adapted wonderfully to the masks and been able to up their performance to match. Despite the long nights of filming and the number of reshoots, the entire cast is optimistic and excited for the final product.

A round of ‘thank yous’ and applause must be extended to both Professor Hallstrom and Professor Slavovsky, for their dedication to the show, and to Courtney McKenzie for her dedication to its costumes and props. A final thank you should be extended to Amy Sue Upton for all of her direction with the set. All have been wonderful throughout the entire process of the show.

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 4, 2020 issue of The Bagpipe.
Photo Credit: Covenant College Theatre Department


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