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the Covenant experience narrative

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Intramurals at Covenant

male student playing flag football

Covenant has a huge population of student athletes, but the fun and thrill of competition is not excluded to those involved in the NCAA realm! Many Covenant students who are not involved in Covenant’s NCAA teams have some background of participating in organized sports. From personal experience and talking to peers, something much missed in the transition to Covenant was the opportunity to take part in team sports. The intramural program provides students with an avenue to continue engaging in competition in a dynamic manner with low time commitments and stress levels. The beauty of this program is that anyone can participate, regardless of athletic experience or skill.

Athletic Competition All Year Long

As the year progresses, different tournaments or seasons will be announced, generally over email and with flyers posted around campus. Students can then form teams—an especially fun part of intramural sports—because you can play with whomever you want and come up with a unique team name.

Currently, the wiffleball season is in full swing, with students of all backgrounds (NCAA and not) playing together. Jadyn Patton ’27, a mathematics and business double major, states that the intramural league is “a great way to meet new people and be active. If you played sports in high school, it's a fun way to re-engage and be competitive.” 

Sports for the Whole Student Body

Because many of the seasons are co-ed and open to the entire student body, Covenant’s intramural league is an excellent opportunity to meet people from different halls, majors and academic years. Sarah Jennings ’27, a psychology major and member of Covenant's varsity volleyball team, describes the experience: “Being able to play with the hall has been so much fun! It is not only a break from studying but also an opportunity to make memories. Being involved in volleyball and intramurals at the same time allows me to spend time and have fun with all of my favorite people.” 

From Wiffleball to Pickleball to Cornhole

Covenant offers a wide range of intramural sports seasons over the course of the academic year, including, but not limited to, futsal, wiffleball, volleyball, and basketball. They also host a variety of tournaments with games like spikeball, ping-pong, cornhole, and pickleball. No matter what your interests and skills are, you can find competition while also enjoying the company of friends. 

Thus, the intramural program at Covenant provides the perfect balance of friendly fun and competitive drive for students of all backgrounds at Covenant. Keep an eye all year long for tournaments and seasons and sign up with your friends! 

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This article was originally published in the Bagpipe, Covenant’s student newspaper

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