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Jacob Oster and His Carter Hall LEGO® Creation

lego model of carter hall

Jacob Oster ’27 is a Covenant College freshman studying English writing, but he is currently better known as the creator of the beloved LEGO® Carter Hall. The intricate creation was on display in the Tuck Shoppe, the college’s book and apparel store, earlier this semester but has since been reclaimed by its builder.

Oster stated that he has been creating things out of LEGO® bricks “since I was old enough to create things out of LEGO®s,” and he completely free-built Covenant College’s oldest building, Carter Hall, which was built in 1928. Almost 100 years later, the first ever [known] LEGO® recreation of the building appears.

Oster explained, “I actually planned a lot in the beginning; I drew out what I wanted to build after I had already built the base because I needed to figure out how many windows and pieces I needed. I bought a lot of the bricks for the project and all of the window pieces.” However, the LEGO® creation is not to scale. On the LEGO® replica, Carter Tower is much bigger in comparison to the rest of Carter and there are only 60 LEGO® windows on the LEGO® creation but far more windows on the actual building.

While the front of the building is nearly uncanny in representation and detail, the back of LEGO® Carter Hall is sentimental to Oster. The open back of the creation shows many of Oster’s favorite scenes from the previous semester with his hall. “The three scenes in the building are from Carter Christmas, hall photos,” and an infamous incident in which a Covenant student rode the conveyor belt in the Great Hall.

Oster does not want to sell his creation, which took him a whole 20 hours to build over Christmas break. He fully intends on keeping it in his room for the following academic year. Additionally, Oster does not currently have any other plans for creating any other buildings, but he says that stance is subject to change.

This article was originally published in The Bagpipe, Covenant’s student newspaper.

side by side comparison of lego creation and actual carter hall

Pictured: The LEGO® Carter Hall and Carter Hall for reference.

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