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the Covenant experience narrative

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Senior Capstone Project: The Culmination of Your Covenant Career

At the end of all students’ years at Covenant, they have the opportunity to present the knowledge they have gained in a Senior Capstone Project. The Capstone can take many forms, including but not limited to laboratory research, recital performances, artistic exhibits, and oral or written presentations. The Capstone allows seniors to showcase the skills and knowledge they have gained at Covenant while further developing their capacity and curiosity for their chosen field of study.

A Project Four Years in the Making

From a freshman’s very first day of class at Covenant, his/her Capstone is underway. Faculty members urge students to pull from everything they have learned in their four years, not just the knowledge they have gained in their major classes. This means a business major’s Capstone is influenced by what the student learned in Doctrine, and a sociology major’s Capstone features understanding gained in Christ and Culture. This results in the Capstone being a full picture of what students gain during their college experience.

The Excitement Behind the Capstone Project

Students choose the topic for their Capstone, so they are highly invested in and excited about the project. Even though the Capstone is a graduation requirement, students look forward to the opportunity to display everything they have learned in their time at Covenant. Senior biology major Erin Baudonnet ’22 talks about why she is excited to begin her Capstone this fall:

I am planning on writing about how new medical technology is shaping and changing the landscape of cardiac surgery and recovery. As I begin my research, I am noticing that Covenant has prepared me well for this project because of the many assignments I have had over the past three years reading scholarly articles and learning how to write about research through the lens of a Christian perspective.

Erin Baudonnet ’22

The Capstone Project is the last stepping stone before seniors launch into their calling, and it is a mark of their success not only as students but also as faithful followers of Christ. Upon completion of a senior’s Capstone, we at Covenant believe they are ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus while excelling in whatever profession they choose.

Hear Covenant Psychology Major, Isaac Trefsgar '22, explain his Senior Capstone project.



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