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the Covenant experience narrative

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Department Highlights | Engineering and English

Dual Degree Engineering Program

The mission of the engineering program is to prepare students to transfer to an accredited engineering program after taking foundational math and science courses along with the Covenant College core classes. Students in this program typically study for three years at Covenant before transferring to an approved engineering school. The pre-engineering program allows students to gain the benefits of Covenant’s Christ-centered education and the excellent scientific training available from a variety of universities and technical institutes. The program prepares students for study in the areas of civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and industrial engineering, along with their associated sub-disciplines. While we have articulation agreements as a dual degree program partner institution with the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), recent participants in the program have also attended a number of other universities such as Auburn University, North Carolina State University, Purdue University, and the University of Alabama - Huntsville.


  • During the past year, seven students from Covenant transferred to Georgia Tech in mechanical, electrical, computer, industrial, and civil engineering. We also have had students go to UTC, University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, University of Tulsa, and University of Washington.

  • Currently nine dual-degree students are in the process of finishing their Capstone Projects to complete their Covenant degree in natural science this year. This will likely be the largest group of graduates in the history of the program.


  • Dr. Curtis Stern (University of California at Berkeley) is the professor of engineering and director for the dual degree engineering program. 


Department of English

The English department seeks to help students understand, appreciate, and responsibly use God's gift of language. Students develop a Christian awareness of the issues and problems in each area of language use and work toward Christian answers, equipping them with the ability to understand language and use it responsibly wherever the Lord leads them after college.

The English major is one of the largest majors at Covenant College. A recent study ranked Covenant 20th out of over 800 four-year private colleges for the largest percentage of graduates who are English majors.


  • Dr. Robert Erle Barham (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is an associate professor of english. His research interests include English Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, Christianity and literature, and creative nonfiction. He enjoys participating in Covenant College reading groups and spending time with his family.

  • Professor Sarah Huffines (Pennsylvania State University) is an associate professor of English and the director of the Writing Center. Her research interests are pedagogical: academic engagement, signature pedagogies, the role of writing instruction across the curriculum, etc. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, and being with her family. She is currently working on an educational doctorate degree at Vanderbilt University.

  • Dr. Gwen Macallister (University of South Carolina) is a professor of English and the department chair. Her research interests include contemporary poetry and fiction and graphic novels. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with family, hiking,  and  travelling-- particularly to National Parks.  She has been to 48 states with the exception of Kansas and Hawaii.

  • Dr. William Tate (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is professor of English and the dean of arts and letters. His research brings together theology, phenomenology, and literary criticism. He enjoys cooking and pottery.

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