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Brianne Stambaugh

Brianne Stambaugh

Associate Professor of Spanish 

World Languages

On faculty since 2014

Office Hours
By Appointment


PhD, Spanish, Applied Linguistics, University of Alabama (2013)
MA, Spanish, Applied Linguistics, University of Alabama (2009)
BA, Teaching English as a Second Language & Spanish, Union University (2007)

Personal Interests

I enjoy running road races of all distances (5k to full marathon), reading, and exploring new places. I have a dog, Knox.

Professional Interests

My research interests have developed from an interest in how culture influences the language we use. Given the popularity of Spanish used in public spheres in the United States, my research investigates how the Spanish used outside of the foreign language classroom affects students inside the classroom. I strive to apply what I have learned from my research to the methods I use when teaching Spanish. It is my hope that students will leave my classroom learning not only the lexicon and grammar necessary for communicating in Spanish but also the different cultural norms that shape the way the language is used. By doing so, students will be equipped to communicate in global contexts.

Selected Publications & Presentations

  • 2009 Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers. “Native Language Transfer and Its Influence on L2 and L3 Learners.”
  • 2010 Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers. “Personal Expression: A Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Writing.”
  • 2010 Alabama Modern Language Conference. “La lengua imaginada y la identidad nacional en Y Dios en la última playa.”
  • 2011 Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers. “Making Languages Relevant: Personalizing Activities in the Foreign Language Classroom.”
  • 2011 Southeastern Conference on Linguistics. “An Analysis of the Usage of Spanish in Advertisements in the United States.”
  • 2011 University of Chicago Graduate Student Conference – Political Dreams and Nightmares in Iberian and Latin American Literatures. “Francoist Myths and Their Demystification in Los girasoles ciegos.”
  • 2012 Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers. “Incorporating Meaningful Reading in the Spanish Classroom.”
  • 2012 XXVIII Biennial Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures. “The Impact of the HB56 Immigration Law on the Use of Spanish in the Public Sphere in Alabama.”
  • 2013 Alabama Modern Language Conference. “Anglicized Spanish in the Beginning Spanish Classroom.”
  • 2013 Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. “An Investigation of Beginning Spanish Students’ Lexicon.”