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Dan Zuidema

Dan Zuidema

Professor of Chemistry

Department Chair


On faculty since 2005

Office Hours
By Appointment


PhD, Wake Forest University
BS, Calvin College

Professional Interests

My training is in natural products synthesis and organic photochemistry. In this work we established that pyrone natural products are capable of sensitizing the formation of singlet oxygen, a result that could give insight into chemical defense mechanisms of the animals that contain these pyrones. The research we conduct at Covenant involves the study of various reduction reactions and the chemistry of Raney nickel. Recently, we discovered a novel method of synthesizing nitriles, which are important intermediates in the synthesis of many different types of molecules. We have had a number of undergraduates participate in our research-they have presented results at a number of professional conferences. They have also authored publications in peer-reviewed journals.

This is exciting, and it aids students as they continue to explore God's calling in their lives. It is also important in that it helps dispel the mistaken notion that Christians must choose between science and their faith. We believe that God is sovereign King and that Christ is pre-eminent in all things, the sciences included.

Professional Membership

  • American Chemical Society

Selected Publications

  • "Conversion of Aldoximes into Nitriles with Raney Nickel in Refluxing 2-Propanol." D.R. Zuidema, A.L. Dennison, R.C. Mebane, E.Y. Park. Synthetic Communications, in press.
  • "Triplet Photosensitization in Cyercene A and Related Pyrones." D.R. Zuidema, P.B. Jones. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, B: Biology, 2006, 83, 137.
  • "Photosensitized Conversion of 9,10-Deoxytridachione to Photodeoxytridachione." D.R. Zuidema, A.K. Miller, D. Trauner, P. Jones. Organic Letters, 2005, 7, 4959.
  • "Two New Anthraquinone Photoreactions." R.G. Brinson, S.C. Hubbard, D.R. Zuidema, P. Jones. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, A: Chemistry, 2005, 175, 118.
  • "Photochemical Relationships in Sacoglossan Polypropionates." D.R. Zuidema, P. Jones. Journal of Natural Products, 2005, 68, 481.

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