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Preston Hoobler

Preston Hoobler

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


On faculty since 2019

Office Hours
By Appointment


PhD, University of Georgia
BS, Huntington University

Professional Interests

My training is in ab initio (from first principles) computational chemistry. This type of research attempts to explain chemical phenomena by building up from the interactions of fundamental particles, most importantly electrons. For this reason, my area of study can often be referred to as “electronic structure theory.” This research has allowed me to explore a variety of different chemistry subjects including: combustion molecules, heavy metal clusters, and hydrogen-bonding effects.

In my latest work I have been studying chemistry that has typically been attributed to transition metals. These metals, which are often toxic or expensive, may be able to be replaced with cheaper, safer alternatives, one example being aluminum. The use of aluminum compounds in hydrogen fuel cells may have a large impact upon the energy industry.

Theoretical chemistry is ideal for undergraduate research. It is safe, as everything can be done on a computer without the risk of lab accidents. Theoretical chemistry also allows students to pursue a number of adjacent areas of study including mathematics, physics, and computer science. Thus several practical skills can be gained even outside of the research.

I am extremely grateful to be part of the Covenant community. I look forward to the chance to show students how chemistry points us toward a deeper appreciation and love of our Creator God.