Student Life

Student Life

At Covenant we seek to foster an environment of holistic living and intercultural competence that reflects the gospel, enriches our educational experience, and prepares students to work and serve globally. When students step onto campus, they discover a community oriented for learning both in and out of the classroom. Events designed to engage cultural ideas, professors lunching with students in the Great Hall, residence halls competing against each other in intramural sports: these are a few examples of what makes the Covenant community a dynamic one.

To get a glimpse into the Covenant community, visit Covenant's Facebook page, where you'll find photo albums, college news, and a community forum.


Cultural Opportunities

Active music and theatre programs allow you to express yourself in countless ways. Music groups, from gospel to chorale, are popular among Covenant students, and many students even form their own bands.


Student Clubs

You can make friends and develop leadership skills through one of our more than 50 student organizations, including:


  • Biology Club
  • CAB (Campus Activities Board)
  • Cultural Diversity Program
  • Drama Association
  • Widows Ministry


Athletics and Recreation

Join in the spirit of intercollegiate athletics by supporting Covenant’s 13 successful athletic teams for men and women.

Or, get involved in intramurals. 75 percent of Covenant students play intramural sports, including men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. And if you think dodgeball is the same game you played in elementary school, you haven’t seen Covenant students compete for the gold in what is known here as Battle Ball.


Student Development

We are firmly convinced that student life is an integral part of a student's educational experience. The maturity and growth in wisdom of a student takes place throughout the learning environment: in the classroom, residence hall, gym, library, chapel, and even impromptu outings to downtown Chattanooga.

A student development staff is uniquely positioned to be able to take advantage of those teachable moments in the lives of students. Whether it's through relationships, programs, or counseling, the student development staff views themselves as partners with the faculty in the critical role of educating students. Our goal for our students is their growth in wisdom and discernment as they develop the ability to anticipate the end result of choices before those choices are made and to then make the best possible decision.



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