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The Seed Project

Managed by the Center for Calling & Career, the Seed Project initiative encourages students to develop ideas among their peers. With a history of successful alumni start-ups, this year we will focus on how doing what we love benefits the city of Chattanooga. Check out this article, We come from the Mountain...and Start Things, by alumnus Sheldon Grizzle '03 on the entrepreneurial spirit of many Covenant graduates and the positive effects they're having on the community!


On March 24, 2018 we hosted a Seed Project Generator, which is an ideation workshop using the GETSTARTED CO.STARTERS curriculum. The Seed Project initiative is limited to recent alumni (having graduated since May 2016) and current Covenant students.



Who is eligible to attend the 2018 Seed Project Generator?
All current students and May 2016 Graduates are welcome to attend.


Does it matter what students are majoring in?
No, every academic major qualifies. This event is for any student interested in thinking through how to use their gifts to make a difference in their community. Our previous winners have studied art, business, IDS, philosophy, history, and English. Obviously, this is a great initiative for students from every major.


Who can I talk with if I have more questions?
Please contact Leda Goodman in the Center for Calling & Career.


Past Winners of the Seed Project

2016: Matt Monti '16 (Economics)

Two Brothers Dairy, a winner of the 2016 competition, is a sustainable farm on Lookout Mountain. It uses innovative farming strategies to fully use the land for dairy, beef, pork, and poultry production. Matt is working with his brother to bring local, organic food to the community.


Morgan Sharpe '15 (Psychology)

Creekside Flower Farm, a winner of the 2016 competetion, is a flower farm. Morgan plans to serve the communtiy, providing local, fresh flowers for any event.


Margaret Duncan '18 (Biblical Studies)

Miss Maggie's Gymnastics, a winner of the 2016 competition, is a gymnastics program based on Lookout Mountain. Miss Maggie's Gymnastics works to provide a friendly, constructive environment for young girls to learn the basics of gymnastics.


2015: Jacob Snuggs ’14 (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Taproot Landscaping won the 2015 competition. Jacob Snuggs ’14 works in the Birmingham start-up community. As a certified landscaping professional, he works to provide landscapes that truly fit the desires and needs of the customer. He also seeks to help employees develop life skills while meeting the resident landscaping needs of the community.


2014: Kathryn Allison ’13 (Art)

Kathryn Allison ’13 won with her business, Rangemark, a hand-printing textile company that produces home goods that are carefully crafted by hand, down to the unique patterns on each product. Kathryn is thankful for the process of the Seed Project and all of the coaching she received along the way. “Rangemark has come a long way already,” said Kathryn, who was recently featured in Dwell magazine and was named a 2014 Crafts Finalist by Martha Stewart American Made.


2013: Jacob Hutcherson ’13 (Business)

Jacob Hutcherson ’13 won the third annual Seed Project with his business,, an online forum for NFL fans that is expanding to ultimately include creative content. Jacob is thankful for the knowledge he gained through participating in the Seed Project. “The Seed Project helped me narrow down all my thoughts into a distinct plan,” said Jacob. “I tend to have a lot of big ideas, but this process helped add structure and clarity to those ideas.”


2012: Paul Walters ’13 (History)

Paul Walters ’13 won with Redwood Sound, his live sound and concert production company. Paul highly values the lessons he learned throughout the process. “The work I did to prepare pro forma for the business plan helped me to better understand the financial elements of my business,” he said. Paul has helped produce shows for bands such as U2, Motley Crue, and Mumford & Sons.


2011: Isaiah Smallman '11 (English) and Drew Belz '10 (Philosophy & English)

At the inaugural Seed Project, Drew Belz ’10 and Isaiah Smallman ’11 won with their business plan for Fancy Rhino, a video strategy firm. Drew says that going through the Seed Project “allowed us to be heads up, to see a little bit further, and realize the potential for business in Chattanooga."

Recent Fancy Rhino projects have won ADDY awards, and the business continues to grow as part of Lamp Post Group, a small venture incubator and venture capital firm based in Chattanooga. Fancy Rhino is currently expanding, yet again, and they have their sights set on New York City.