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Andreas Hall

Andreas Hall

Andreas Hall is Covenant's newest residence hall, housing 116 students spread across 2 men's and 4 women's halls. The rooms are suite-style - you'll share a room with a roommate and share the bathroom with the two suitemates next door. The rooms are 14½' x 18' and include two beds (which may be stacked or unstacked), four dressers, two desks, two large closets and a sink.



Andreas also boasts a plethora and variety of common area in the building. As you walk into the building, you may find students discussing classes over a cup of coffee in the public lobby. Located directly off of the public lobby are two conference rooms where you will find meetings held during the day and study groups cramming for an exam at night.


When you enter the residents' lounge you'll notice the large couches and chairs, and probably see students playing a game, watching a movie, or catching up on reading. Most nights, and especially Sundays, you'll see people making use of the full kitchen to prepare a meal or bake some cookies. Finally, there is a large common area with couches, table and chairs, and a sink, microwave, and mini-fridge at the end of each hall. Each hall except for the South hall on the 4th floor, that is - they've got a veranda that boasts stunning views of Lookout Mountain. All in all, there is plenty of space to get to know the folks with whom you share this small community.


Because we are the "new kid on the block," we have the unique privilege of starting new traditions and events. A few of the events that are already a part of the community in Andreas include:


Nacho Fest: As a new year kick-off, Andreas hosts a progressive nacho night. You come in, grab a plate, and wander around the building to find all your favorite ingredients to build your Nachos Supreme. It's a great opportunity to get to know the folks in Andreas and enjoy a great meal!


Down in Andreas: Andreas hosts a progressive ice cream sundae night. You come in, grab a bowl, and walk through each hall to build your sundae. Each hall is decorated according to the year’s theme.  It's a great opportunity to get to know the folks in Andreas and enjoy a great dessert!


We look forward to starting and continuing several unique traditions in Andreas Hall!