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Student Profile: Larissa Lira Santos '19

Larissa Lira Santos


Class Year


Brasília, Brazil


International Studies


Computer Science, Linguistics


Residence Hall and Floor
Andreas Hall, Kallah


Favorite place on campus
The cross country trails for sure. Covenant College has the best trails, they’re beautiful and accessible to everyone. It allows students to get their minds out of school work, and stay fit (when they’re covered in snow it’s also an experience).


Why did you choose Covenant?
The strong community, and fellowship in the Lord in an academic environment certainly impacted my decision towards the college. Covenant also seemed to be more interested in the individual than the financial aspect, which sets them apart from other colleges. Students are treated as people and not numbers. Not to mention it’s like living in a castle in the clouds, who wouldn’t want that?


Did you visit Covenant as a high school student? If so, how did that visit impact your decision to attend Covenant?
Yes, I visited Covenant once. Initially I was not very interested in Covenant College because I didn't think it was going to be academically rigorous, and being an international student, I was not expecting to be embraced by the student body. However, when I was given a chance to visit the school, my speculations were proven wrong. The professors are lovely, diligent workers, and they hold high expectations from their students. The strong sense of community and fellowship at Covenant College surely attracted me, and I was fully embraced by the faculty and students which is a blessing.


How is Covenant unique?
The friendships you develop at Covenant are intentional, people truly want to know and challenge you at a deeper level in the love of Christ. These aren’t just your roommates, they’re your brothers and sisters who will take you to Waffle House at 2 A.M. The same concept of meaningful relationships applies to professors as well: they love talking to students and they will pray for them and let them know that. Professors will also invite a group of students to have dinner at their houses to get to know them better, how’s that for unique?


Describe Covenant in three words.
Challenging, Devoted, Vibrant


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
The Andreas all Hall worship in the stairwell. Believe it or not, it’s a thing. Every Sunday at 9 P.M. the building as a whole gathers in the stairwell and worships the Lord with the doxology and a hymn a cappella style.


What is your favorite class so far?
Don’t judge me too quickly! My favorite class so far is POL335- Terrorism. It’s THE class to take, trust me. The class is taught by Dr. Horne, and that alone should be a powerful statement. I learned so much from the class and it has surely urged me to be more attentive to the conflicts that occur in a domestic and foreign level, and just to observe how that affects politics is very interesting. I recommend it, it’s such an important topic now-a-days, students would surely benefit from it.


What makes hall life at Covenant unique?
The hall life at Covenant is unique because every Sunday we have Praise & Prayer at 8:00 P.M. It’s where we worship the Lord as a hall and share our weekly struggles and testimonies we then pray and enjoy each other’s company. It’s truly great.


What are some things you enjoy about your major?
I enjoy International Studies because it is taught by good professors and it is a subject I love. The classes have relatively few students - which feel like private lectures - and the students are truly engaged and interested in the subject.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
Dr. Nola Stephens is the professor that has impacted me the most at Covenant College. She is a tiny linguist professor, with the cutest curly hair (very much like mine, cough cough), but that’s beside the point, here’s what matters the most: she delivers the most powerful messages about language and culture, she is always willing to help students with whatever they need, and she encourages people to see God’s divinity through diversity and language. It is a blessing to have her on campus, she is a model of a diligent worker, who loves Christ, her students, and her profession. I also advise students to take LIN150-Intro to Linguistics with her, it’s one of the funnest classes I’ve taken so far.


How is Covenant preparing you for life after graduation?
Covenant College is truly preparing me for “the world out there.” The interesting thing is that there is a very honest relationship between professors and students, especially with their advisors. One of my professors once told me he would not make my academic years easy, in fact, he would challenge me as much as he possibly could because he wanted to see me succeed in my career. That was very encouraging for me because I know the faculty at Covenant College is truly invested in our future and they will push us as much as they have to in order to help us achieve our goals. It has also taught me that before anything else God comes first and that is a big learning experience for me; God is not only in the church but He’s involved in everything at all times.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
Covenant College advises all their students to attend and become an active member at a church and I am grateful for that. Every Sunday my friends and I attend the same church, and whenever they need assistance with a volunteering project we are able to help. Covenant College has a program called Mark 10:45 which also urges the students to volunteer at churches which is what usually active members do, so that is also a great learning experience.