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Student Profile: Connor McGimsey '20

Connor McGimsey


Class Year


Austin, TX


International Studies, with French and Spanish minors


If you visited Covenant College, what first stood out to you about the community?
When I first visited the college, I immediately noticed how integrated and tight-knit the community was. There was hardly separation between majors, sports, and graduating classes.


Why did you choose Covenant College?
I chose Covenant College because it was made clear to me that I would be able to pursue all my academic and extracurricular activities while growing in my relationship with Christ.


What aspect of Covenant College do you like best?
Covenant College offers me an environment that is conducive to critical thinking in my studies and growth in Christ, all while being able to enjoy the freedoms college has to offer.


What has been your favorite Covenant College event and why?
My favorite Covenant College event has been, by far, Spring Formal. There’s nothing better than getting dressed up, eating a nice meal down the mountain, and swing dancing the whole evening at a unique venue like the Hunter Art Museum.


How does residence life add to/support your academic goals at Covenant College?
Living in the dorms for the past two years has been nothing but a positive experience. Having each hall with mixed ages has led me to have some interactions with people I would never normally talk to and has given me some amazing mentors who have really helped me grow and get settled during the hectic transition to college.


Which professors have most impacted the way you think and why?
Dr. Horne has probably been the biggest influence on how I view the world today. As college students our daily lives are filled with a great amount of uncertainty and stress; Dr. Horne has shown me how, no matter what life throws at you and regardless of our expectations for this life, we should should find peace of mind knowing we are ultimately in God’s hands.


What do you most enjoy about your major?
For International Studies I have enjoyed the wide variety of subjects we are required to engage with regularly, and for French I’ve enjoyed being able to analyze different forms of literature and media that I would not normally encounter.


How is Covenant equipping you for post-graduation life in your area of study?
As someone who wants to go into foreign services, Covenant has not only given me a considerable amount of connections through professors and the college’s resources, but has also taught me how to apply a Christian worldview to my fields of study which are, more often than not, part of a secular lifestyle.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
With Covenant being such a close community, it has shown me that investing in the church, whether it be a small group or large community, is not only important but essential to advance God’s kingdom.


How have your relationships at Covenant shaped your expectations for the other communities God will call you to in life?
Since Covenant has such a diverse community, each of my relationships have shown me how everyone has a unique story. Being able to listen to others stories is evidence of God’s preeminence in everyone’s life and how valuable others experiences can be to furthering my walk with Christ. As I look forward to the years to come, I continue to remind myself how special the opportunity to be vulnerable, invest in others, and grow together will be.


What’s your favorite way to spend your free-time on or off campus?
After a long week, I love getting to explore the hiking trails on the mountain or playing pick up soccer with my friends.