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Student Profile: Andrew Dillon '20

Andrew Dillon


Class Year


Rock Hill, SC




If you visited Covenant College, what first stood out to you about the community?
I visited my brothers a few times in high school and was blown away by all the people they knew and all the guys they could just hang out with on the hall. I realized early on how tight-knit the halls were at Covenant.


Why did you choose Covenant College?
I chose Covenant College because I fell in love with it every time I came. I saw how it affected my brothers and a others I knew, and I wanted to get the chance to grow here.


What aspect of Covenant College do you like best?
There’s something to say about being on top of a mountain with a thousand other people your age, just doing life. I love how Covenant pushes people closer together through the ups and downs.


What has been your favorite Covenant College event and why?
My favorite Covenant College event has been Mistletoe Mingle because of the silent disco.


How does residence life add to/support your academic goals at Covenant College?
The cool thing about my hall is that there’s a great diversity of majors. I see my friends working hard towards their own major, but then we also get to take core classes together. Different people and their work ethics push me to work harder in my own major.


Which professors have most impacted the way you think and why?
Dr. Fikkert has given me a broader perspective on not only the international economy but also how Christians are called to have a different purpose in business than most of the world. Dr. Quatro has also shown me how important a Christian perspective on business and management is in the world today.


What do you most enjoy about your major?
There are so many different aspects of business , and I enjoy how my classes have covered such a broad spectrum of concepts and methods. I have always been a more practical person and like to know why I’m learning something and how it’s applicable.


How is Covenant equipping you for post-graduation life in your area of study?
Getting a liberal arts degree in business opens up my options to any sort of job in the business world that doesn’t require specific certifications. I am getting a minor in Community Development and hope to find a job where I can take what I’ve learned from both of those fields of study and combine them.


Can you give an example of how the core classes affected your other classes?
My core classes show me how to find God’s glory in everything I do. I was especially able to see that through my biology lab. These core classes encourage me to think differently about my business classes and seek the Lord in whatever field I go into.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
Covenant is teaching me to seek out both a larger, corporate community and a smaller, more intimate community, which clearly translates well into my active membership in a church.


How have your relationships at Covenant shaped your expectations for the other communities God will call you to in life?
My relationships at Covenant have helped me realize the need for consistency and affirmation in any relationship. I now have realized how important this two-way street of pursuing each other in a community is.


What’s your favorite way to spend your free-time on or off campus?
Easily the best part of Covenant College is all the intramurals you can play. Anything from wiffleball to indoor soccer to ultimate frisbee, these will never disappoint.