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Spring 2021 Orientation FAQ

When does Orientation officially begin?

The first half of orientation is in an online format that will launch December 1. All students will receive an invitation through their email. Move-In Day is January 29, 2021. Students and families will be directed to their residence hall and can check in between 9 a.m.-12 p.m.


What should I bring?

This supplies list will give you an idea of what to bring for the school year. Also, students will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test in order to begin spring semester on campus. The test should be from the previous 7-10 days and documentation should be presented to your RA. Off-campus students will bring their results to the office of Student Development prior to the start of classes. Athletes with permission to return early may present a negative test to a coach.


What does Spring Orientation 2021 look like for families?

In order to safely move students on campus in the fall, most of the large group orientation meetings have been moved to an online format. Families will have time to move their student onto campus, a designated time for lunch, and a 1 hour orientation (an additional 30 minutes for families of athletes). We ask that families leave campus the same day as returning students will start moving back to campus January 30.


Is there a fee for Orientation?

The orientation fee is part of your enrollment fees.


Is Orientation mandatory?

Yes. Both parts of orientation are required by all first year students.


I am a transfer student. Is Orientation mandatory for me?

Yes. New student orientation is required for all students who are entering their first year at Covenant College.


When does the meal plan begin? Are meals provided during Orientation?

The meal plan begins during the lunch-time of Move-In day. You will use your ScotsCard to swipe for meals in the Great Hall.


What about meals for the families?

Families will receive a special Move-In day rate of $5.00 for lunch.


How late can I arrive?

We ask that students and families arrive between 9 a.m.-12 p.m. on their assigned move in day. If you need to move in later than that time, please contact .


Does Covenant offer shuttles from the airport to Orientation? How do I get to campus if I’m flying in alone?

Please contact if you are flying alone and need a ride from the airport.


Where do I go when I first arrive for Orientation?

When you arrive to campus, please take the main entrance and pull up to the Carter Circle. Move-In Day team members will assist you in unpacking your belongings.


Where can students ship their packages prior to the start of classes?

All new students are assigned a campus box number and will obtain a key on their assigned move-in day. You can find your campus box number in the personal information section in Banner. Also, be on the lookout for a letter from student development with your campus box number and other pertinent information.

Please ship your packages to your campus box using this format:
Covenant College Box # ________
14049 Scenic Hwy
Lookout Mtn, GA 30750


Can I change my major during spring 2021 orientation?

If you would like to change your major, please contact to inform the Records office of any updates you want to make to your major or course registration or if you have any questions about your schedule.


What is an O-Team?

Your O (Orientation) - team is made up of students who are in your Christian Mind class. The team is led by upperclassmen called O-Team leaders who work to ensure a smooth transition through the orientation process.


What precautions are Covenant taking due to COVID-19 during spring orientation?

We have made the following modifications to orientation to ensure the safety of our students and families:

  • Moved most large group meetings to an online format as these are not conducive to proper social distancing.
  • Requiring masks be worn by all students and their guests the duration of orientation as dense crowds may be unavoidable.
  • Placing Hand Sanitation stands in strategic locations outside and inside of campus and residence hall buildings.