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Discipleship Coordinators 2016

Student Leadership

Covenant students can serve their classmates in a wide variety of roles requiring leadership, cooperation, and creativity. Class presidents, resident assistants, members of the campus activities board and many others develop their own talents by enriching the Covenant experience of every student on campus.




All student leaders are involved in the CC Lead program which seeks to foster gospel-centered spiritual formation of student leaders into the likeness of Christ and equip them to lead others with dignity, humility and wisdom. The CC Lead program carries out various initiatives throughout the year, including CC Lead trainings and the CC Lead Conference.


Leadership opportunities include:


Campus Activities Board

Many events on campus, from Jazz on the Overlook to '80s Skate Night, are organized and hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Because it is run by students rather than College staff members, CAB is able to more accurately represent the interests and tastes of the student body through its events.


Core Team

Core Team members help interview, select, and train new Orientation Team members. They also help plan and run fall and spring orientation.


Discipleship Coordinators

Discipleship coordinators work to facilitate and encourage the spiritual development of the students on their assigned residential floor through prayer, small group opportunities, and one-on-one relationships.


Diversity Leaders

Diversity leaders are servants and advocates who help execute events and grow friendships that encourage diversity students and promote intercultural awareness and competence in the Covenant community.



Covenant’s Orientation Team is made up of upperclassmen devoted to making sure all new students get the support, answers, and advice they need upon starting their time at Covenant.


Resident Assistants

Resident assistants are upperclassmen who help freshmen transition to college life, and lead all students on their assigned floor in social, spiritual, and educational development, focusing on building relationships than enrich and support Covenant’s Christ-centered community.


Residence Hall President

Each hall elects a representative to sit on student senate as acting, voting members, looking after the interests of the hall they represent. Each residence hall president and their cabinet will be responsible for the social, spiritual, and academic programming that takes place in their residence hall.

Student Senate

The student senate collaborates with the College’s administration to ensure that the student body is heard. Senate members hone their leadership skills as they work together to plan events, encourage the individual talents and passions of the students, and contribute usefully to Covenant’s community.