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Mayo Clinic Antibody Study

Covenant College has been selected as one of two campuses nationwide for a Mayo Clinic research study screening for COVID-19 antibodies.


Participation in the research study is not mandatory, but elective for all students, faculty and staff. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate as a community in this Mayo Clinic COVID-19 research project and trust that most of our community members will choose to participate in the study.


Participating faculty, staff, and students will be tested prior to the start of classes and again about a month after classes start to learn more about how COVID-19 impacts college and university communities. This serological test will also screen for influenza (A and B), RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus—a common cause of bronchitis and pneumonia in infants and older adults), and seasonal coronaviruses (other than COVID-19).


The study will be conducted by the Mayo Clinic, free of charge to all participants. All personal results will remain private. The College will receive aggregate data reports without personal references. Participants who receive a positive antibody result will qualify for a standard COVID-19 test covered by most insurance carriers. Dr. Gregory A. Poland, Distinguished Investigator of the Mayo Clinic and a member of Covenant’s COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group is leading the research study.