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Our Environment.
At Covenant, the safety of your son or daughter comes first. Our scenic campus atop Georgia’s Lookout Mountain provides a safe, beautiful community for students to learn, develop meaningful relationships, deepen their faith, and challenge themselves.

The city of Lookout Mountain is a safe, tightly-knit community of just over 1,600 residents and is surrounded by a natural environment that is simply breathtaking. In addition, Chattanooga—a vibrant city that combines a unique sense of history with an optimistic modern spirit—is only 10 minutes away.

We have a range of measures in place to benefit everyone in Covenant’s campus community…

Nighttime Campus Security
Night security is on duty seven nights per week patrolling campus and serving as a security resource for everyone on campus.

Student Safety Team
Covenant’s Student Safety Team helps to provide a safe campus environment and is on duty every night. The Student Safety Team patrols campus in a college vehicle, escorts and shuttles students, helps with disabled vehicles, and reports any unusual activities on campus.

Committee on Safety
The Committee on Safety develops programs each year for campus-wide safety awareness and protection. The Committee meets annually in the spring to revise Covenant’s Safety Manual, review policies, and assist residence halls in conducting safety workshops each semester.

Staff Preparation
All residence hall, facilities management, and switchboard staff at Covenant have been trained in emergency procedures.