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Doing Art Christianly: The Latest Work from Covenant Theatre Professor Camille Hallstrom

Camille Hallstrom, professor and founder of the Theatre Department at Covenant College, was published twice in early 2018.


It Was Good: Performing Arts to the Glory of God, edited by Ned Bustard, features a chapter by Camille Hallstrom entitled “Imago Dei: Dignity,” in which she synthesizes Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body with her expertise in the dramatic arts. Professor Hallstrom’s chapter reminds readers to regard the body as sacred, or as John Paul II put it, as “sacramental, making the invisible visible.” Her reverence for the imago Dei is evident and inspiring for the Christian yearning to do art “Christianly.”


Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds bookstore said Hallstrom’s chapter is “perhaps the strongest piece in the book… [it] includes a serious (Reformed Protestant) study of Pope John Paul II’s important and formative Theology of the Body and its implications for artists and actors… and it is very very good.” Read Borger’s full review here.


In “Imago Dei: Dignity,” Hallstrom “examines the various implications of the imago Dei for the dramatic arts”(124). She reflects on what it means to have inherent dignity as a human being, explains how the human body is commonly exploited in dramatic arts and argues for Christians in the dramatic arts to foster “redemptive imagination” and to pursue justice in the industry. With the help of Pope John Paul II’s words, she does all this with gravity.


In her second publication of the year, Camille Hallstrom is featured in Joyfully Spreading the Word: Sharing the Good News of Jesus, edited by Kathleen Nielson and Gloria Furman. Hallstrom’s chapter “The Cultural Mandate and the Great Commision” is included alongside chapters by Rosaria Butterfield, Rebecca Manley Pippert, and other women who are evangelizing within their areas of influence.


Joyfully Spreading the Word shares faithful examples of disciple-making in places of employment, universities, neighborhoods, and homes—rightly reminding us that wherever we are, we have the privilege of sharing the Word with others…”

-Melissa Kruger, editor for The Gospel Coalition.


To read and hear more insights from Professor Camille Hallstrom and to learn more about the Theatre Department, visit the theatre page.