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Covenant College Introduces New Political Science Major

In the fall of 2019, a new major, political science, will be available for incoming and residing students of Covenant College. This major will specifically fill a gap in providing necessary requisites for pre-law students. In addition to the new major, the current political studies minor will be rebranded as a political science minor and will reside with the major in the Department of History and Politics.



In addition to Covenant’s current political studies professor Dr. Cale Horne, two professors will also be a part of the new major. Dr. Anna Rannou will be the lecturer for a freshman requisite class, political research methods, while Peter Hill will be a visiting professor of political science. The major expects to bring in a number of students that will make hiring an additional full-time faculty member necessary in the future.


As Dr. Horne said, “The purpose of a political science major at Covenant College is to provide students with an understanding of the actors and institutions that generate cooperation and conflict in society and among states, and to equip students for related vocations.” The political science major and requirements will aim to develop civic thinking in students and provide an opportunity to work in vocations in that major outside of Covenant.


Learn more about the program here.