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Scots for Life

Scots for Life

Our alumni are living proof that Scots apply their Covenant education by meeting others’ needs in their local and extended communities, becoming involved members and leaders in their churches, and living out their callings in many ways.


And when Covenant College alumni and supporters come together as a community, we help the next generation of Scots develop their talents to glorify God and serve others. Your gift to the Covenant Fund provides scholarships today.


A world with more Scots means a world with more...


Covenant students in service projects
Covenant-educated students engaging God’s world around them.
Lifelong friendships
Friendships that nurture faithful thinking and thoughtful faith.


Covenant athletes
Athletes training with integrity for more than a winning record.
Covenant students on the Overlook
Biblically-grounded men and women in our workplaces and communities.


Together, we can send more Scots into the world.

For many accepted prospective students, family finances make coming to Covenant College out of reach, unless they receive scholarship support. Likewise, current students facing unexpected challenges rely on scholarships to remain in school.


Thanks to your support, we are able to offer much needed scholarship packages to the next generation of talented and eager prospective Scots!


Our world needs more Scots — let’s answer the call together.


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