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Strategic Priorities

Current Needs

Please prayerfully select which strategic priority you want your gift to help fund.


The annual Covenant Fund


The Covenant Fund bridges the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Covenant College education.


By funding academic programs, athletics, student scholarships, faculty & staff salaries, and an array of other programs and cocurricular opportunities, the Covenant Fund directly benefits students and keeps a Covenant education affordable.


Our annual goal for the Covenant Fund is $2.5 million. Your gift helps us reach that goal.



Because Covenant's endowment perpetually yields interest income, a gift to the endowment is an investment in the future growth of the College.


The endowment supports numerous scholarships and student programs, as well as faculty salaries and building maintenance. Growing Covenant's endowment is a crucial means by which we can build a foundation for future generations of Covenant students.


Capital Projects

Gifts to capital projects fund renovations and new construction.


By continually developing our campus, we are ensuring that Covenant students have the best possible environment in which to learn, grow, and fellowship.