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COVID-19: Student & Parent FAQ

Will we have commencement in May?

We have decided to delay our commencement ceremony until Homecoming Weekend in October. However, we will confer degrees virtually on May 9 (our original commencement date), and seniors will officially become graduates on that day. We will share more details about both events as decisons are made and plans are solidified.


Will we still have May Term?

May Term 2020 will be delivered online.


Is the pass/fail policy being adjusted?

There will be no changes to our current grading system for the spring 2020 semester. The pass/fail option is still available to students who qualify, but in order to maintain academic excellence, in keeping with online instruction practices, and because the pass/fail format is not in all students' best interests, we will maintain the current grading system. We have, however, extended the deadline to switch a course to pass/fail through Monday, April 13.


Will I get a refund for room & board?

We have credited student accounts for the portion of room and board that cannot be used due to the campus closure. This credit is approximately 48.5% of the room and board charges for the spring semester. Students who have been approved to remain on campus will not receive a refund. For graduating seniors, we will disburse credit balances by April 15th. Accounts where the credit for room and board charges results in a credit balance will be in a position to receive a refund. You can request a cash disbursement by contacting Please note that students hold accounts with the college. Therefore, refunds are returned to students via their account, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that refunds or appropriate portions of refunds are returned to parents or others who may have contributed to their educational expenses.


Can I continue in my work study position remotely?

The college’s regular work-study program will be suspended for the remainder of the semester. Requests for an exception will be granted on a limited basis, with priority consideration given to work deemed necessary to the ongoing functioning of the college. Students who desire to continue their work-study position should submit a request form, which will initiate an approval process involving their supervisor and the department/area Vice President.


Will I be able to use library resources?

The library staff is committed to working with students to finish the semester well including mailing materials as needed as long as the student is not ill. Requests may be made by using this link. Books currently checked out have been renewed. All books will be due on May 1st, 2020. Interlibrary loan is unavailable at this time. Requests for articles may be limited depending on other lending libraries' ability or willingness to fulfill these requests. Reference services will be provided electronically. Students should contact John Holberg by email,


Are the Standards of Conduct still in effect?

In this unique season, we would ask that you honor the spirit of the Standards which state: “Students must conduct themselves in a way which reflects a commitment to holy living: doing what the Bible requires, abstaining from what the Bible forbids, and carefully discerning the will of God in every area of life.”


Will we have chapel online?

The Chapel Department will post videos at 11 a.m. EST each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and while not required, we invite students to watch and worship together. We will still have our Senior Testimonies from Will Bryan, Marie Bowen, Caleb Keitt, and Harmonee Keitt. Additionally, daily devotionals will be sent out at 6 a.m. in the hopes that they will encourage you and keep our community grounded in our Savior.


Will the Tartan still be distributed this year?

We will be distributing this year's Tartan in the fall. Fill out this form to reserve a copy.


Are there ways I can support the Covenant community?

We invite all Scots to pray for the college and for our senior administration as they seek to guide Covenant well, particularly over the next few months. You can also send an encouraging email to our employees. Here are links to a faculty directory and a staff directory. Adopt an international student. Nesha Evans, Associate Dean of Students, has created an International Student Support Network. If you are interested in assisting or connecting with our international students during this time and/or in the fall, please fill out this Google form. Nesha is happy to answer any questions you may have.