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COVID-19: Mayo Clinic Research Study

Dear Covenant Community,


Covenant College has been selected as one of two campuses nationwide for a Mayo Clinic research study screening for COVID-19 antibodies.  Participation in the research study is not mandatory, but is voluntary for all students and employees.  We are thankful for the opportunity to participate as a community in this research project and hope that most of our community members will choose to participate in the study.


Participating faculty, staff, and students will be tested during the first week of classes and again about a month after classes start to learn more about how COVID-19 impacts college and university communities. This serological test will also screen for influenza (A and B), RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus—a common cause of bronchitis and pneumonia in infants and older adults), and seasonal coronaviruses (other than COVID-19).


The study will be conducted by the Mayo Clinic, free of charge to all participants. All personal results will remain private. The College will receive aggregate data reports without personal references.


In order to participate, you will need to come by the Office of Student Development, Carter Hall 138 between 8a-4:30p Aug 18-21. You will receive a kit with all testing materials, a letter from the researchers, and a padded envelope in which you will place all testing materials (including used gauze, lance, etc.). After following all the attached directions, seal the padded envelope and return it to the Office of Student Development no later than Monday, August 24 at 12p.  We will then be sending the collected tests in bulk to the research laboratory.  Another email will announce the start of the second round of testing in September.


An invitation to participate is attached to this email along with complete instructions for how to participate in the test.  There are written directions as well as a video for how to take your blood sample and what you should do with all materials when you are finished.  There are also directions for how to download the app and use it to link your sample with your contact info so you can find out your results. All these directions are very explicit and will be immensely helpful for you to follow. [Note: It may take several attempts to scan your results into the app. Keep trying. This allows you to check your personal results once the test is completed.]


Please fully read and follow the directions provided. Give yourself 10-15 minutes to do it right. Dispose of all materials and waste in the second bag. Put your sample and the silica packs and humidity indicator in the other bag. The sample has to be left out two hours to fully dry. Plan accordingly.


Requests for assistance with taking the blood sample can be directed to Health Services.  All other questions about the study should be sent to or 507-255-1975.


Brad Voyles