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COVID-19: Chapel Update Fall 2020

Dear Employees, 


An update on chapel just went out to students and we wanted to inform you of these updates as well. While students will have assigned days to attend chapel, we welcome employees to come whenever they would like to. We are working on being able to livestream outdoors but most likely won't be able to start this until the second week of chapel. However, all chapels will be recorded and posted online afterwards. 


  • Chapel will be held outside on the chapel lawn as long as weather permits.

  • In order to abide by Covid and social distancing guidelines, we will be unable to have the entire community together at any point for chapel. Therefore, you will be scheduled to attend chapel on specific days based on which building you live in: 

    • Andreas, Carter, and Student Apartments will attend on Monday & Friday, and Founders, Mac, and Off Campus will be scheduled to attend on Wednesday of a given week. The following week the schedule will be opposite. Click here for a full schedule of the semester.

  • This will allow each student 18 opportunities to attend chapel and they will be required to receive 10 credits (this is 60% instead of the typical 80%)

  • In case of inclement weather, an email will go out the morning of chapel to notify you and invite you to attend in the chapel on a first come first serve basis. Whenever chapel is inside it will not be required.

  • Whether outdoors or indoors, masks and 6 ft distance must be kept for the duration of chapel. To give you a visual of how to appropriately distance, please watch this video (made by Zeke and Miles Weichbrodt). 


A schedule for the semester can be found here. Please let us know if you have any questions!



Chapel Staff