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COVID-19: Parking Lots and Lights

Dear Covenant Community


In an effort to save money where possible and close down parking areas that are not serving the college's immediate needs. Facilities Management in coordination with Safety & Security will be closing the following lots and the lights for these lots will be turned off at night:

  • Lookout Lot (Across scenic Hwy from Ashe)

  • Scenic Lot (At the end of Ashe)

  • Scotland Yard Parking Lot

In addition, the North Lot and the Tennis Court Lights will also be turned off at night. The North Lot will remain open but only the Visitor Lot lights and road lights will remain on around the North Lot at night. No other changes to campus lights are being made at this time.


J. Corey Dupree

Director of Facilities Management

706.419.1290 (w) | 423.505.8021 (m)