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COVID-19: GA Shelter-in-Place Order


Dear Colleagues,


As promised during yesterday’s town hall meeting, I’m writing to provide an update on the implications of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s shelter-in-place order for ongoing operations at the college. If you wish to download the full text of the order, you can do so here.


The good news is that because of proactive measures taken in recent weeks, there will not be much change to our operations here at the college. Those who are able to work remotely and have been authorized to do so by their manager should continue to do so. Those who need to be on campus to work and have been authorized to do so by their manager should continue to do so. Those working on campus should observe social/physical distancing and personal hygiene protocols (minimize occasions when you are in enclosed spaces with groups of people, maintain a 6-foot distance from others whenever possible, wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, try not to touch your face, etc.).


Here are a few additional highlights from the Georgia shelter-in-place order:


  • Covenant College is considered a Non-Critical Infrastructure Entity and will continue to operate under the definition of Minimum Basic Operations. This means that staff working on campus will continue working under the protocols that have already been established.


  • Any employee currently working on campus who is concerned about his/her health or the health of the family members living in their home has the opportunity to take time off and may use their PTO or Sick Bank. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have time available please see Human Resources.


  • Any employee currently working on campus who would like to request an “authorization to travel” letter to have on hand in the event you might need to explain as to why you are reporting to work by law enforcement agencies please see Human Resources.


Thank you for the excellent job you have done of caring for one another by practicing social/physical distancing. That’s not easy, especially in a community where we enjoy one another’s company so much. The virtual version of fellowship is a poor substitute for the real thing. But, it’s the loving option in the current circumstances, so keep up the good work.


I hope all of you get some rest this weekend.


Until God brings us together again,




  J. Derek Halvorson, Ph.D.


  Covenant College


  In omnibus Christus primatum tenens