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COVID-19: Note to Faculty

Dear Colleagues,


It has been good to see a number of you in various meetings online over the last week. I have also heard indirectly that many of you are well on your way to having good preparations in place for next week.  Thank you for all who responded to the survey that Marjorie distributed last week. If you are experiencing difficulties, it would be good for us to hear from you at this point.


I know that many of you have been connecting with students for pre-registration advising and to communicate how classes will be conducted next week.  If you have not connected with students for advising, let me encourage you to do so in the remainder of this week prior to the beginning of regular classes. 


I would also encourage you to connect with students in the next couple of days regarding next week's classes.  We are praying for good connections with students as classes resume Monday. I hope the whole community will be mutually encouraged as instruction begins for the remainder of the semester.


Finally, please know that I remain humbled and thankful for your work at the college. Especially during these days, I am reminded of your commitment to the college mission, to your students, and to our Lord. may God continue to bless your efforts in the coming days.