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COVID-19: Calendar Updates & Office of Records Announcements

Greetings to all students and faculty


As seniors started pre-registration for classes today, pre-registration will proceed as scheduled while some members of the Office of Records are working remotely. Emails sent to will be the best method to communicate with the office staff. I have included several important announcements as we continue to adapt to this unique semester.


Calendar Adjustments: With the extended spring break, federal financial aid policies, and in response to our accreditation agency, we needed to adjust several dates at the end of the semester. Specifically note below and at the bottom of the email:

  • Classes resume online on Monday 3/30

  • Extended date to drop a class or change to or from Pass/Fail on 4/1

  • Classes will be held on Monday after Easter on 4/13

  • Classes will be held during the original Reading/Corona Snow Days on 4/29-30

There have been some initial discussions and questions about some colleges moving to a pass-fail grading system. In response to the expectations of our accreditation agency, we will not make any changes from original expectations for course letter grades. We have extended the deadline to allow eligible students to switch to or from pass/fail in eligible classes. Faculty may be granted exceptions where appropriate with specific classes.


Office of Records Forms: The Office of Records is accepting all forms and/or approvals electronically from faculty advisors. Please work with your faculty advisor and email any forms to them for approval. Your advisor will email or forward your forms or requests to the Office of Records with their approval. These forms could include Program Change Forms (change major and/or advisor), Priority Pre-registration Forms, Graduation Applications, and Schedule Change Form or special scheduling needs for the Spring 2020 as well as the Fall 2020 Pre-registration.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.



Updated Calendar for the end of the Spring 2020 Semester

  • March 20: Pre-registration for fall semester begins. Graduation Applications for December 2020 and May 2021 graduates are due before they will be permitted to pre-register
  • March 7-29: Spring Break
  • March 30: Classes resume online at their normal day of the week and time
  • March 30: Last day to withdraw from Covenant with a partial tuition refund
  • April 1: Last day to change to or from Pass/Fail, or drop a class with an automatic "W." After this date a "W" or "F" will be assigned to a dropped class by the instructor
  • April 10-12: Easter Break; Classes cancelled Friday 4/10
  • April 13: All classes resume on Monday morning 4/13
  • April 15: Last day to drop a class, with the instructor assigning “W” or “F”
  • April 30: Last day of classes
  • May 1-6: Final examinations
  • May 9: Commencement Ceremony – To Be Determined




Rodney Miller

Dean of Records