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COVID-19: Facilities Update Regarding Services

Dear Covenant Community


As we attempt to determine our new normal with reduced staff, we are requesting assistance from Faculty and Staff in a few key areas that will assist us and ensure clarity of the service level we believe we can provide at this time.

This communication is not intended to replace any previous communication we have already had with some areas around campus but rather to address the larger community expectations of service.


We would like to request that faculty and staff:

  • Empty their office trash into the hallway trash cans which Facilities will be regularly addressing

  • Replace office can liners - if needed

  • Clean their own offices - as needed

Attached is a document where each cleaning closet is located on each floor of each building, where you will find supplies including a vacuum.


Also, we will be closing a number of bathrooms across campus to limit the number of areas we are having to continually clean. A document is also attached to this email outlining which bathrooms will remain open. We will also sign the bathrooms in each building to indicate this as well. With the reduced number of people on campus and the practice of good hand washing, we believe the bathrooms left open should be sufficient.


As already sent out in other communication, the Library and the Gym facilities will be closed for the time being.


Facilities Services disinfection of high-touch areas will continue to occur at 7am each weekday morning in Carter, Brock, Probasco, Mills and Sanderson. 


Restrooms open for use


BEST Closets


Amy Buck

Facilities Management Coordinator

Phone #706.419.1222

Cell #423.653.7422 

Home #706.841.1130