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COVID-19: Pre-Board Meeting Update from President Halvorson

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Email - “​summary of coronavirus response activities”

Sent: 10:45 p.m. EST  | From: Derek Halvorson, President

To: All employees


Dear Colleagues,


As I get ready to head into (virtual) board meetings, I thought it might be helpful for all of you to see the memo I sent to the board outlining the actions the college has taken/is taking in response to the coronavirus situation. Obviously, there are hundreds of additional actions being taken at departmental and office levels. This list is simply intended to give the big picture. I hope it comes as something of an encouragement to you. There are a lot of folks around this campus (and away from this campus) who are working diligently to ensure that we are faithful to our mission and provide an outstanding educational experience to our students (even if, for some period of time, it will be diminished by our necessary life apart).


Thank you for your tenacity and care.


In Christ,