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Chapel: Reverend Micah Fries, Brainerd Baptist

Senior Pastor, Brainerd Baptist

Chattanooga, TN



“Revelation 21 reminds us that there is coming a day when Jesus Christ himself will appear, and that long Galilean arm will reach out to our face and wipe away all of the tears that surround our eyes and promise us that never again will the world be wracked by sin and the devastation that comes from that. So, you and I, we advocate for shalom because it's good, it's right, it's a blessing and it's an encouragement, but we also do it because we know someday all things will be made right and new once again. And until that day we long for and prepare for that moment.”
- Reverend Micah Fries

Monday, February 10, 2020
Time of Event: 
11:00 AM
Event Venue: 
Dora Maclellan Brown Memorial Chapel
Message Title: 
Jeremiah 29