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Through the Generations: The Lykins and Sonke Story

by Lydia Berglar '18

June 28, 2021

in Professional Development

1 minute read


The Lykins’ family connection to Covenant College began when Jay Lykins first stepped foot on Covenant’s campus in December of 1965. While playing basketball for the University of West Georgia, Jay and his team competed against the Scots. He remembers the bus pulling up under Carter’s stone arches and being greeted with a Salisbury steak dinner in the Great Hall. “The Covenant basketball players wanted to get close to us. They were friendly, and I wasn’t entirely sure why, but something was different about them.”


Jay’s life took several twists and turns, and along the way, he dropped out of West Georgia, joined the Navy, came to Christ, and married Lynn, his wife. Eventually, he found his way back to Covenant College with the help of Reformed Presbyterian minister, George Soltau. He enrolled as a junior in 1971, and as a young believer, Covenant helped grow his biblical worldview and his understanding of Reformed theology.


Jay became the first head resident (now referred to as resident director) of the new men’s dorm (now called Founders Hall.) After graduating in 1973, he put his business schooling to use as the college’s conference director and student work director. Lynn also worked for the vice president of business affairs in the administration office.


While the Lykins worked at Covenant, Lynn gave birth to twin daughters, one of whom would later attend Covenant. Mary Lee (Lykins) Sonke earned her bachelors in 1996 and completed her masters in 2001. Now, her son Jake is a proud Scot with the class of 2023, 50 years after his grandfather graduated. Jake’s sister and two brothers also hope to attend Covenant.