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Who do You want to be in 20, 40, and 60 Years?

by Lydia Berglar '18

July 6, 2021

in Life & Career

1 minute read


Take a minute to think about who you want to be after college - not just in your 20s but also decades down the road. What kind of person comes to mind? What kind of character traits stand out?


You can probably name one or more older role models who you hope to emulate. Maybe you admire their strong relationships with family and friends. Maybe you’ve noticed the way they serve their church and community. Or maybe their career reflects hard, faithful work done in a Christ-like manner.


Your college years are a formative time that can impact all of these areas and help you become the Christ-centered person you want to be for the rest of your life. At Covenant, we don’t only want you to succeed as a student or begin a great career, although those things are significant and worth celebrating. We care more about your life-long walk with Jesus.


Faith, Career, and Life: They Go Together

We believe that your faith impacts all of your work, whether you enter the public or private sector; whether you work for a faith-based organization or a company that is hostile to the gospel; whether you volunteer or earn a paycheck; or whether you work to raise a family.


We also believe that your career and life are not two separate boxes. Therefore, Covenant’s holistic approach wants to prepare you for your career and/or graduate school but also for church and community involvement and strong relationships with family and friends.


In the words of one Covenant grad, “Covenant shaped my understanding of calling, work, and life. More than anything, Covenant showed me how to live life authentically and holistically.” - Nathaniel Henriques ’18


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