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Department Highlights | International Studies and Theatre

by Alumni Office Staff

September 3, 2021

in Academic Excellence

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The mission of the theatre department and occupation of theatre is to humbly serve through story, training students to be skilled theatre artists who use their God-given dramatic talents to embody His love for their neighbors, wherever that may be. Whether students are aiming to work in TV, film or theatre, a Covenant theatre education can give them the foundation they  need to succeed in graduate school or a profession associated with this major. An uncommonly good Christian philosophy of working in the dramatic arts can be found in all theatre department courses, but especially in the sequence “Performing Arts and Christian Thought'' and “Dramatic Arts and Christian Thought.” In these courses, students will learn not only how to think about art Christianly, but what it means to work in a “communal” art form which requires learning how to love our neighbors working with us in a given production company as well as our neighbors in our audiences. Our hope for our students is for them to become skilled artists and storytellers, but also that they learn to love well, including the people with which they create, whether that be on a film set, a professional theater, a school or community theater.


Students have the opportunity, in a small department, to try their hands at everything from their first semester; this is unlike larger schools where they may not get onstage or in key backstage jobs till sophomore or junior year. We try to get students experienced in a range of jobs, not just acting but writing, stage managing, directing, work on costumes, sets, props, lights, make-up, P.R, and house management.  Students do internships both locally and farther afield, and regularly report that when they are “out there” they find that they have had more experience than their counterparts from other schools.

Dramatic arts also have other applications besides working in the fine arts arena. Other such applications are drama therapy, community development via the arts, group problem solving and creative thinking skills. Corporations like hiring theatre majors since they bring many of these well-honed abilities to whatever work they are assigned to do. 



  • Prof. Camille J. Hallstrom (University of Pittsburgh) has been on staff since the year 2000 and is the department chair. 

  • Claire Slavovsky ‘03 (Regent University) is the theatre manager and teaches classes such as Theatre History, Directing, and Basic Design

  • Additional instructors: Zena Dell Rowe, Amy Sue Upton ‘09, Courtney McKenzie ‘18, Sara Satterfield ‘18



  • This past year, despite COVID, the theatre department managed to produce a variety of plays including Our Unfinished Music, Everyman, and some student productions like “The Gift of the Magi.” 

  • The department recently hired Courtney McKenzie full time. Courtney is the staff costume designer, and she works in between the art department and theatre department.

  • Students can now work for a Certificate in Arts Administration, which includes theatre administration.


International Studies


By its very nature—complex, interconnected, change-prone, and operating across both levels of analysis and time—the academic study of international phenomena is not amenable to traditional disciplinary boundaries. In recognition of this reality, the international studies (INS) major is multi-disciplinary, with an emphasis in the core disciplines of political studies, history and economics, together with intensive training in foreign languages and research methods. Students will emerge from the program with a grasp of the major theories, methods and substantive issues pertinent to the study of international political, social and economic phenomena, and prepared to pursue careers in government, law, international non- or inter-governmental organizations, the military or academia, among others.


“Majoring in international studies at Covenant helped  me discern the part I can play in God’s work in the world. Covenant’s emphasis on calling and love for others (has) encouraged me to pursue graduate studies at Cornell University, not merely as a way of personal or career advancement, but to further equip myself to serve God and others.” - Ella Sahertian ’18, graduate of the international studies program. 


Along with having an expansive study of different international subjects, students also study abroad from Covenant College, usually in their Junior year. Students also have the opportunity to do internships with organizations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), along with the Center for Public Justice and the US State Department Foreign Language School in Washington, DC. 



The faculty of the international studies program includes many teachers across different departments. 


  • Dr. Cale Horne ’00 (University of Georgia) is the department head and has been on staff since 2011. His research interests include the study of public opinion and politics of non-democratic states. He is a member of the American Political Science Association, the International Studies Association, and the Georgia Political Science Association. 

  • From the History and Politics department:

    • Dr. Richard R. Follett (Washington University)

    • Dr. Jay Green (Kent State University)

    • Dr. Alicia Jackson (University of Mississippi) 

    • Dr. Paul J. Morton ’83 (University of Southern California)

  • From the Economics and Community Development department

    • Dr. Steve Corbett ’81 (University of Georgia)

    • Dr. Brian T. Fikkert (Yale University)

    • Dr. Russel P. Mask (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

    • Dr. John Rush (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

    • Dr. Lance Wescher (University of Notre Dame)

  • From the Foreign Language Department

    • Dr. Jiewon Baek (University of Minnesota) 

    • Dr. Brianne Stambaugh (University of Alabama)