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Alumni Trustee Advisors

alumni advisors

Pictured: Covenant College's board of trustees and trustee advisors


Alumni Advisors advise the Trustees of the Covenant College Board and attend two Covenant College Board of Trustees meetings during the academic year. Alumni Advisors typically serve for a three year term.


The current alumni trustee advisors are:
Erica Beshore '04
Scott Dillon ’89
Christina Fox ’96
Phil Kiratzis ’82
Mark Kreisel '84
John Marino '96


We invite you to recommend alumni for consideration who have a deep care for the College and would be a good fit to serve Covenant's mission in this type of leadership capacity. The ideal candidate is one who is already actively involved in praying for, representing, and giving to Covenant.


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Six years ago, Marshall ’08 and Katherine Whitmire Teague ’06 thought they would spend the rest of their lives in Oregon. Today they live on Lookout Mountain, where they operate a sustainable farm called EdenThistle.

93% of alumni are active members or regular attenders of a local church

Our faithful alumni are a testament to the integrated faith and learning journey that a Covenant education provides.