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Alumni Profile: Lauri ’06 and Anna (Kaufmann) Moyle ’05

Lauri and Anna Moyle

“We love getting to know the almost unbelievable complexity and beauty of God’s creation across cultures,” says Lauri.


Lauri ’06 is a public policy officer for Christian Action Research and Education (CARE), a non-profit organization that engages with British and European politics on issues such as human trafficking, internet gambling, and bioethics. Anna ’05 is a press and media assistant for the Evangelical Alliance, which facilitates communication from the broader evangelical community to the British media and society.


“Our neighborhood, Tooting, is full of Sri Lankans, Indians, Pakistanis, Afro-Caribbeans, Ghanaians, Poles, South Africans, and many others,” says Anna. “We also interact with young professional British people, as well as immigrants from the British Commonwealth countries. It’s a daily challenge for us to communicate clearly to people from different backgrounds, and to understand them as well. But in London, everyone fits into the mosaic.”


Not only are Anna and Lauri crossing cultures in their neighborhood and workplace, but also in their marriage. Lauri is a British citizen, born in Vienna, and spent his teenage years with missionary parents in Slovakia. Anna grew up on Lookout Mountain.


Their global perspectives and political awareness were cultivated during their time at Covenant in a variety of ways. Both studied abroad—Lauri in Oxford, England, and Anna in Salzburg, Austria. Lauri did an internship with Radio Free Europe in Prague, and lived with both a Kazakh and a Czech student while at Covenant. Anna interned with the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.


To add to their impressive resume, the couple spent ten months after graduation working and living in Brussels, Belgium, another vast intercultural mosaic, before they married and moved to London. Lauri worked for a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Northern Ireland, while Anna lived with a Flemish family, did internships with a human rights organization and their local church, and worked as an au pair (nanny) for a French-speaking family, teaching the children to speak English.


Though it’s hard for both to be far from family and friends, they love their life and work in London. Lauri is currently pursuing an M.A. in theology, politics and faith-based organizations at King's College London. The young couple strives to be involved with their church community and to take hospitality seriously. Their long-term aspiration is to communicate and integrate Christian values into the public sphere, encouraging people from all perspectives to engage seriously with the reality and implications of Christ’s presence in the world.


How did Covenant prepare them for where they find themselves now?


“There's not as much cultural diversity at Covenant as there is in, say, London,” says Anna. “But studying history taught me about different cultures and what motivates people in different places and different times to do certain things. Getting an education from a Christian perspective has also given me an avenue to be more accepting of people from other cultures while also giving me a robust foundation to assess and criticize what is both right and wrong about modern culture in general.”