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Alumni Profiles: Josh ’01 and Bryonie (Rayburn) Moon ’01

Josh and Bryonie Moon


Since their graduation from Covenant, Josh ’01 and Bryonie (Rayburn) Moon ’01 have seen Josh’s studies take them to St. Louis for his M.Div. at Covenant Seminary and to Britain for his Ph.D. at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Then they moved to Minneapolis, where Josh now pastors a small PCA church. All along the way, they have faithfully supported Covenant.


“It was a challenge for some years to give, being students ourselves and living on shoestring budgets,” says Josh. “But we love Covenant, owe so much to it, and want to do all that we can to help Covenant continue in its mission – and help others to have an experience like we did. Having lived in the U.K., we have seen the devastating consequences that the lack of a truly Christian worldview has had on the lives of so many young people, ravaged by difficult questions and doubts, never being taught to think faithfully. We give to Covenant because we have seen firsthand how vital such a work is in this world.”


While Josh is busy with pastoral work and ongoing academic work, Bryonie uses her music training from Covenant to teach private piano lessons as well as “Musikgarten,” a music program for young children. She also volunteers at a nursing home, playing piano and helping with their choir, and accompanies worship services at church.


“The Lord is glorified in me when I am working and thinking faithfully, no matter what I am pursuing,” says Bryonie. “I have, of course, learned the difficult lesson that this can be a painstaking and sometimes evasive goal. Not much of my work is glamorous, but all of it demands hard work if it is to be done for the Lord’s glory. Covenant cultivated in me the desire to pursue faithfulness in all areas of my life and work.”


Six years ago, Marshall ’08 and Katherine Whitmire Teague ’06 thought they would spend the rest of their lives in Oregon. Today they live on Lookout Mountain, where they operate a sustainable farm called EdenThistle.

95% of alumni are active members or regular attenders of a local church

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