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Volunteer of the Year: Kenny Lee ’81

Kenny, class of 1981, began making his mark on this mountain many years ago as a student, studying psychology and as the goalie for the soccer team. Kenny and his family still call the mountain home, and he’s made it a goal to unite the Covenant family to the community on Lookout Mountain through various initiatives and programs. Kenny is a cornerstone in the business communities of Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga, and has dedicated countless hours to being the “relationship manager,” between Covenant College and the Lookout Mountain community. A member of the Lookout Mountain Long Range Planning Committee and a member on the Board at Highland Park Commons, Kenny is all about cultivating a harmonious and deeply connected community between the mountain, the city, and Covenant College. He has paved the way for many students to gain practical skills and work-experience to meet the community’s needs, and he remains a vital part of the College’s effort to share the Kingdom of God with our neighbors.



Six years ago, Marshall ’08 and Katherine Whitmire Teague ’06 thought they would spend the rest of their lives in Oregon. Today they live on Lookout Mountain, where they operate a sustainable farm called EdenThistle.

95% of alumni are active members or regular attenders of a local church

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