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Transfer students

Transfer Students

Each semester we welcome a number of students who transfer from other colleges and universities. Transfer students bring a variety of experiences and perspectives that contribute richly to our campus community.


Here we answer a few questions that transfer students frequently ask. And, as always, if we haven't answered your question, please let us know. If you have questions about transfer credit, please contact our records office.


Do I follow the same steps as other applicants to apply for admission?

In addition to the items we require for entering freshmen, we require that you provide us transcripts with all completed college coursework thus far.


Do I need to submit my high school transcript?

Yes. We still need your high school transcript as part of the application process.


Do I have to submit my SAT, ACT or CLT scores?

Yes. We still need your SAT, ACT or CLT scores as part of the application process.


Which office do I send my transcripts to?

Send your transcripts to the Office of Admissions. Admissions will share them with the Office of Records.


I'm still taking classes at another college or university. Should I send an unofficial transcript now or wait until I can get an official transcript?

Send an unofficial transcript now, and then send an official transcript once you have completed all of your courses.


Who should I contact about transferring my credits from another college or university?

Once you have sent your transcript to the Office of Admissions, contact the Office of Records. The Office of Records can help you determine how your courses will transfer based on an evaluation of your official or unofficial transcript and the major you plan to pursue at Covenant.


I have already taken a "college life" course at another college. Do I still have to register for Covenant's Christian Mind course?

Yes. A Covenant education is unique, and it starts with The Christian Mind course. This class serves as an introduction to how we approach the integration of faith and learning at Covenant. It also serves as a way to make sure that all students, whatever their background, have a common language and experience upon which they can build their academic and social communities here at the College. You won't want to miss this.

"God is not exalted by lessening your loves. The Christian path is not loving less, it's loving more and rightly...Our goal is not to love less but more."
– Dr. Kelly Kapic
Ever wonder what it's like to study on top of a mountain? Wonder no more!

100 percent of students participate in service learning

Visit the distinctives site to explore a set of fast facts that help define the unique experience and value that a Covenant College education provides.

Connor McGimsey '20

“As someone who wants to go into foreign services, Covenant has not only given me a considerable amount of connections through professors and the college’s resources, but has also taught me how to apply a Christian worldview to my fields of study which are, more often than not, part of a secular lifestyle.”
  - international studies major Connor McGimsey '20